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Tactical adjustment thru technical refinement and decision making

[I already don’t like the title of this. Overly complicated when the theme is really that simple adjustments to familiar drills and games can help players recognize and solve problems] My U13 team is doing very well this year. They … Continue reading

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Soccer coach job hack: the tall tripod video system

Analysis is all the rage. Top leagues have mega bucks ProZone set ups hard installed into every stadium. Dozens of HD cameras mounted to cover every view desired by quants and coaches alike. Amazing and expensive. Recently, companies like Hi-Pod … Continue reading

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Three G.A.G training sessions suitable for U10-U11 players

Lots of chatter on Twitter today about G.A.G.  (Game Activity Game or Global Analytical Global) methodology for younger players today so I thought I’d stick up this pdf I put together for the U10 coaches I worked with at VUFC … Continue reading

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Analysis: Goals in the United v Arsenal game (Updated due to video being taken down by YouTube)

UPDATE: YouTube emailed to say they have taken the video down due to a copyright infringement claim by the FA Premier League. I’ve filed an appeal but having never been in this situation before I don’t know if I’ll ever … Continue reading

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