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Our World Cup Trip: Fortaleza, Brasilia and Rio (Part 2 of 2)

So while I did say in Part 1 that being a victim of violent crime wasn’t my biggest concern on the trip, I was still aware that some of the places we were going were not exactly Shangri-la. Namely Fortaleza. … Continue reading

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Canada’s path to 2014 World Cup

The groups for the third round of CONCACAF qualifying have been set now that round two is in the books. Canada took first place in its round two qualifiers against St. Lucia (pop. 161 000), St. Kitts & Nevis (pop. … Continue reading

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Canucks playoff atmosphere…like Italia 90

In 1990 I went to the World Cup in Italy. My buddy Alex and I had tickets, courtesy of my uncle, to see a couple of Scotland’s round robin games in Genoa. It was a newly built stadium, still used … Continue reading

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“One day we will take it back.”

From Paul Hayward’s great article in the Guardian on Friday, Dec 3: What is the World Cup meant to mean? The shirts, the fascination with each country: the buttercup yellow of Brazil, the dark brilliance of Argentina, the new Spain, … Continue reading

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Zonal Marking interpret the FIFA World Cup technical report

4-2-3-1 was the buzz formation of the World Cup so you may see a big move to that formation on the field this season. It’s a difficult one to pull off with kids though. I played it for most of … Continue reading

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Puyol and Fab have a beer on the field after the game

Somehow I doubt they’ll be asked to apologize like the Canadian women’s ice hockey team were ridiculously made to after winning Olympic gold…

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The Final: keys for both teams

Quick post before the kickoff… For Holland: 1. Test Casillas. People keep insisting Casillas is still one of the best. I haven’t seen that. He’s rarely been tested and I blame him for the goal against the Swiss. You can’t … Continue reading

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