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Spain’s World Cup squad: deduce and reduce

Spain has released a provisional squad of 30 for the World Cup that will be reduced to 23 by Vincente Del Bosque on May 25. While some countries are chucking in make weights to get up to 23 and entering … Continue reading

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Does it matter what order you send players to take penalties?

Updated: Thursday, 8:45am (fancy chart added) In light of another bout of Ronaldo playing to the cameras with a face full of restrained aggro at not getting the chance to take Portugal’s fifth penalty, it’s worth looking at this idea … Continue reading

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Donosti Cup or bust!

Looks like we’re taking my U16 girls team to the Donosti Cup in San Sebastian, Spain next July. Here’s the online brochure. Feel free to leave your best youth sport fundraising ideas in the comments section!

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Review: Scotland v Spain (Euro 2012 qualifier)

Yes, Scotland got slated for their decision to play a bizarre 4-6-0 against the Czechs mid-week in the hope of getting a very valuable away draw to the team they will be fighting over second place in their group with. … Continue reading

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U17 Women’s World Cup: Spain v Brazil goal analysis

I’ll preface this by saying that, as the name of the blog suggests, it’s very easy to be an armchair critic and dissect what went wrong after the fact. Still, I’m going to do it because I think from a … Continue reading

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Zonal Marking interpret the FIFA World Cup technical report

4-2-3-1 was the buzz formation of the World Cup so you may see a big move to that formation on the field this season. It’s a difficult one to pull off with kids though. I played it for most of … Continue reading

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Iniesta is class incarnate

Here’s the winning goal (it won’t embed): I wish the clip started ten seconds earlier. I’d already expressed shock at the introduction of Navas for Pedro but it was true that Spain were really lacking width due to the natural … Continue reading

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