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Does it matter what order you send players to take penalties?

Updated: Thursday, 8:45am (fancy chart added) In light of another bout of Ronaldo playing to the cameras with a face full of restrained aggro at not getting the chance to take Portugal’s fifth penalty, it’s worth looking at this idea … Continue reading

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Ukrainian reporter meets Dutch fans

Ever had one of those days at work? I’m thinking her producer totally set her up for this.  

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My Euro pool: Day 2

My pool is run thru a Dutch website. The interface is a bit all over the place but once you figure out the navigation and get past being besieged by ads about girls who desperately want to meet me and … Continue reading

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My Euro theme song: Theme from Sparta FC (the Fall)

Ah Mark E. Smith, leader of the Fall. Not for the feint of heart nor the mild of manner. Eccentric even by English standards but brilliant all the same. Good music goes with big football tournaments like Stellas go with … Continue reading

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As a Scot, this pains me…

But as a football fan, it fills me with hope. This is a clip of the build up to Spain’s three goals yesterday against Scotland in their Euro 2012 qualifier. It’s five minutes long. Three goals. Five minutes. You do … Continue reading

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Review: Scotland v Spain (Euro 2012 qualifier)

Yes, Scotland got slated for their decision to play a bizarre 4-6-0 against the Czechs mid-week in the hope of getting a very valuable away draw to the team they will be fighting over second place in their group with. … Continue reading

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