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Moving beyond paper to a CSA-led national network of academies

We seem to be on the verge of another developmental breakthrough with the promise of a national curriculum being announced by the Canadian Soccer Association (CSA) by year end. We’re seeing a good buy-in, particularly here in BC, to the … Continue reading

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Poll: What Canada needs to do this year

Everyone loves a poll. Most of them are at the end of the year asking what you thought the best movie or album of the year was. This one asks what’s important going forward for Canada as a soccer nation. … Continue reading

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So who makes Herdman’s “Sweet 16” list?

The list has probably been submitted by John Herdman already but word does not seem to have leaked out. Still, soon everybody will know the 16 players that Herdmann has selected that will be automatically given roster spots and CSA-paid … Continue reading

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D2 Survey: A new, professional, Canadian second division

If you played soccer in the late 80’s or watched the old CSL, there would be a few names you would associate with that era. I had the privilege to play with several of the players that are now considered … Continue reading

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National U14-U18 club championships: new format needed

I complained about this last year when a game finished 18-1. It’s now gone a step nuttier. This morning an Alberta U16 girls team beat the U16 rep from the Yukon 21-0. How and why does this happen? Well, when you … Continue reading

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Flashback: 1984 U18 National Team trip to Trinidad

Got an email from Alan Errington, local coaching legend, the other day. He had scanned an article he wrote for a BCSA quarterly newspaper, called the Whistle, back in 1984. It was about the three or four weeks we spent … Continue reading

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Beach soccer vs U15 girls development camp

I’m hesitant to put this out there in any other form than “somewhat speculative” because there hasn’t been official word from the CSA but… This much is certain. A national beach soccer team has been announced that will be participate … Continue reading

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