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Tiering + Fluidity = Retention and Development

Twitter can be a fantastic forum for conversation around a topic, the immediate exchange of ideas and the presentation of media for others to consider. I use it heavily and have benefitted from it considerably in terms of being introduced … Continue reading

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Whitecaps vs Red Bulls: ridiculous defending on corner

As I’ve mentioned before the best thing that Martin Rennie has done for this team is enable them to compete in tight games and not drop points due to senseless defending that leads to goals being conceded. So often last … Continue reading

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More pie? Inherent and learned traits of elite players

Something @JoeRReid said on Twitter made me think that it would be interesting to perhaps first define what traits most of us would see an elite level player as needing or having. And by the way, when I say elite … Continue reading

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What are the ingredients to make an elite soccer player?

So much goes into making a really good soccer player. Beyond the players involvement are many other agents in the formula from coaches to parents to peers. Which ones matter and which ones matter most? Hard to say and undoubtedly … Continue reading

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Kompany v Smalling: no contest

When you spent most of your playing days competing for headers, you tend to recognize little things that suggest one player wanted to get a head on the ball considerably more than the other. Vincent Kompany wanted to win that … Continue reading

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BCSA: Grassroots soccer and LTPD Volume 2

Went to a meeting last night for the rollout of BCSA’s new plan for grassroots soccer (defined as anything below BCPL) and the Long Term Player Development Curriculum. I’ll do a longer post later but just wanted to put it … Continue reading

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3-4-3: The rationale for use with U13 to U18 girls

We’ve seen a move from the traditional 4-4-2 to a somewhat brief flirtation with 3-5-2 and now the trend is to either 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3 which, to me, can be indistinguishable. I still don’t know which one Spain was playing … Continue reading

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