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Analysis: Canada v Mexico

As per the name of this blog and in light of the stinging disappointment in the result the other night against Mexico, a post-mortem seems necessary. The jury has been out for what seems an eternity on manager Benito Flores despite a … Continue reading

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FIFA Executive vote for the full ‘double dip’

Russia and Qatar? Has it really got to this level of corruption at FIFA? As soon as Qatar was announced you could almost hear the Swiss bankers groan, “Well, there goes my lunch break.” Russia, you can live with. It … Continue reading

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2018 World Cup host? Betters going with England or Russia

Punters on Betfair seem to think it’s going to come down to England or Russia with the announcement only about 12 hours away. Today de facto Russian leader said he wasn’t going to attend the draw. Normally this would be … Continue reading

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