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CanWNT: now what?

The buzz is building now as teams head into their last round robin games. Most groups are still pretty wide open if not in terms of who will advance then in who will take top spot and get the smoother … Continue reading

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A reality based preview of the Canadian Women’s World Cup team

This will not be like “Rise”. There will be no #HolySchmidts. No fawning, no talk of role models and inspiring the next generation of female players. This is about whether they can play and compete for a World Cup. I’ve … Continue reading

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Our World Cup trip: 20 days, 8 games, 5 cities, 1 police report (Part 1 of 2)

Our World Cup adventure ended June 30. When it started is hard to say. The idea was first batted around very soon after Brazil was announced as hosts and planning started in earnest soon after Markus, Colin and I made … Continue reading

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Requiem for a Dream – How Barcelona’s Prodigal Son Became Their Most Damaging Signing in a Generation

Originally posted on Neymarketing:
To all intents and purposes, the time of Cesc Fabregas at Barcelona is now up. While nothing has yet been signed, nor even officially agreed, he is expected to move to Chelsea in the very near…

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The Final: Keys to winning

I generally grimace at media pre-game sound bites that try to sum up what has to happen for a team to win. The format forces an over-simplification. Results in games are about being relatively better than your opponent. Hegemony rather … Continue reading

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World Cup: Germany’s first goal vs Brazil

It was likely the most shocking result of the modern game. 7-1. Germany over Brazil in a World Cup semi-final in Brazil. Master handicapper Nate Silver pegged the result as being 1 in 4000. That seems almost conservative. The first … Continue reading

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Ashley Chen

The one with her and her mom. Both in the hospital getting treatment. That’s the one that got me. A picture of a mother near death in the same ward as her daughter. Both receiving treatment for cancer that would … Continue reading

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