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Tactical adjustment thru technical refinement and decision making

[I already don’t like the title of this. Overly complicated when the theme is really that simple adjustments to familiar drills and games can help players recognize and solve problems] My U13 team is doing very well this year. They … Continue reading

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Soccer coach job hack: the tall tripod video system

Analysis is all the rage. Top leagues have mega bucks ProZone set ups hard installed into every stadium. Dozens of HD cameras mounted to cover every view desired by quants and coaches alike. Amazing and expensive. Recently, companies like Hi-Pod … Continue reading

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Tiering + Fluidity = Retention and Development

Twitter can be a fantastic forum for conversation around a topic, the immediate exchange of ideas and the presentation of media for others to consider. I use it heavily and have benefitted from it considerably in terms of being introduced … Continue reading

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Note to parents: coaching over levels

I ran three meetings back to back last night. They were for various groups but all were about our Evaluation process for forming teams at U11 to U14. The first was for current U10 Age Group Coordinators and coaches. They … Continue reading

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Poll results: What Canada needs in 2013

UPDATE: Added my own answers to the poll with a brief explanation (at the bottom). Here’s the results to the recent poll I stuck on the site a few days ago. Thanks to the 45 respondents who took part. For … Continue reading

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What I’ve learned so far

I’ve started to get a bit reflective about coaching youth soccer. Part of that is definitely due to the fact that I’ve coached my daughter from day one at U6 and her team is now in their final season at … Continue reading

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Coach equipment: the Cambie Soccer Box

The Cambie Soccer Box is a great little innovation in helping coaches stay organized while keeping wet, dirty equipment from soiling cars and homes. Brendan Quarry, of TSS fame, is perhaps onto something fairly big with this really well manufactured … Continue reading

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