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Gales, lulls, tears and texts

This is a rookie’s guide to grief. I’m 53 and I’ve been able to side step the death of close family and friends until now. My parents left family and friends in Scotland and emigrated to Canada just before I … Continue reading

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How kids really benefit from soccer

I have three kids; 27, 24 and 17. Eldest and youngest boys, daughter in the middle. They all played through to U18 with my youngest just entering his U18 this season. I coached the eldest until U13 and the youngest … Continue reading

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Planes, Trains and Tickets – 9 days seeing games in Europe

The jet lag is gone now and so, for the most part, is the Tube cough that I picked up from the not so great air in the London Underground. It was a fast-paced, hectic, often tense ‘holiday.’ Nine days … Continue reading

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The impact of cars

UPDATE Nov 29: So six weeks, almost to the hour, after my brother in law was admitted to hospital, he was released. He went home last night with 20 boxes of medical supplies related to his tracheotomy and feeding tube. … Continue reading

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Going straight to the top

Ran into a former coach at our club yesterday and it reminded me of one of my favourite coach stories. Most people who read this will know what an International Transfer Clearance (ITC) is but briefly for those who do … Continue reading

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Messi’s El Clasico goal: so many coaching points

It was spectacular theatre. Thirty seconds left in injury time when the clip starts with Pique receiving the ball three yards off his end line. Eighteen seconds later the ball is in the Real Madrid goal and Barcelona have won the … Continue reading

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Analyst analysis

Just sent a DM on Twitter to a group of like-minded soccer moaners and groaners. It was regarding one of the colour commentators on a Canadian broadcast of a game. “XXXXX makes Capt Obvious look like an enigma.” With Jason … Continue reading

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