A Vancouver based soccer blog run by myself, Gregor Young, and aimed primarily at youth soccer coaches.

Views on this blog are my own and do not reflect those of any organization that has contracted my services.

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  1. Simon says:

    Loving the look of your blog, will take a look at some of the articles as they look very interesting.

    Simon (another youth coach)

    • Gregor says:

      Thanks Simon, much appreciated. Hope you find some posts that interest you.

      • Tim H says:

        Hey Gregor, where is the link for any of the HPL franchises…?

      • Gregor says:

        Hi Tim,

        There is no link. I stopped writing about BCPL because of some of the ridiculous comments I was getting (mainly offline) about the damage this site was doing to the attempts to get the league off the ground. I suspect most of them were from people who hadn’t really bothered to read what was being for written by me and commented on by many more. And to be honest it had run its course as this was never intended to be a BCPL website. But who knows, if some interesting angle comes up I may write some things about it again.

        The league does have its own website now though: http://www.bcsoccerpremierleague.net/

        Good luck to Madi this season and say hi to Lana.

  2. GY – Would like to see you comment on the CSA changes that are being considered today (2/5). I’ve read the Jason DeVos articles on CBC.ca but would like another perspective.

    I guess it will be all decided by the time you read this but still interest in hearing your thoughts.


    • Gregor says:

      Hi Jeff,

      I only follow CSA politics close enough to know change was overdue and I have full faith in the likes of Jason DeVos to point them in the right direction and insist it gets done.

      Seems the governance changes went through after two amendments to the motion with they key being that Provincial representation will come to an end in 2015 and the Board will then have the ability to elect specialists and any other top people that put their names forward.

  3. Stephen Burns says:

    Keep up the great work, McGyver. I have a look at your blog quite often and you’re doing a super job. Can you e-mail me when you get a chance with your phone number? I need to ask you a couple of things. Cheers.

  4. Canadian Spur says:

    Great site but how will you ever drive traffic to your site once BCPL finally settles down?

    • Gregor says:

      It’s been a weird ride actually. It was never supposed to be a BCPL outlet but it became obvious that there was a desire for a place to get info and have a decent level of discussion and I ran with it. It’ll all go away and I’m not really too concerned about driving traffic to the site. I take the same approach as I take to players selection for teams. I’m not interested in recruiting. If people want to play on one of my teams (or read this site) they’ll come of their own volition based on whether it works for them or not and not because they were persuaded, stroked or over-promised something that can’t be delivered.

      I do it because I enjoy it but I’ll admit the huge influx of traffic when I posted something to do with HPL was interesting and unexpected. Hope it helped people learn a bit more about it.

  5. APL says:

    Hi Gregor,

    I really appreciate your site and how it is creating discussion. The only problem is that when posting there is no spell check so I am always racked with anxiety when I hit “post comment” as I don’t want to look like a dumy. 🙂 Its ok for those smart teacher types like Steve Burns, but high pressure for us mear mortals. Is that how you spell mear? Thanks again.

  6. Alan Errington says:

    Just finished the U18 Boys Provincial Cup Final in Richmond.
    Abbotsford Mariner’s beat Salmon Arm 5-0 in the Final and go on to represent BC in Fredericton NB in October.
    If the Whitecaps are really serious about their image and the development of young player’s, wouldn’t you think that there would be a representitive from the club at the Provincial Final, or even someone from BC Soccer’s All Star Program?
    I would have thought it would be a great place to come out and see the “Local Talent” and show some interest in what is happenning here in BC.
    Is the Residency Program a “closed shop”? or can local boy’s have a chance?
    Alan E
    Seems like a “no brainer” to me. Even if you don’t ask anyone to come in for a trial, it is good PR.
    It appears that the Whitecaps only have eyes for “Foreigner’s”.


  7. Steve says:

    I’m watching USA vs Dominican tonight. Hate to see any team put in a position to be embarrassed. What possible benifit did concacaf see in allowing this demoralization of the young team to happen

    • Gregor says:

      I think a lot of people are quite upset by that game. I don’t know how CONCACAF can structure a tournament in a way that allows this to happen. They need to look at having ‘A’ pools and ‘B’ pools with maybe the top team from the B pool joining the top three seeds. I only caught the second half but what was perhaps worse than CONCACAF’s dereliction of duty was Pia Sundaghe’s over the top celebrations even once the scoring hit double digits. Totally unnecessary. How can a coach at that level see anything worth celebrating in a total shellacking of a team that wouldn’t look out of place in our local U18 silver division. You gain nothing tactically from this game. There is nothing worth celebrating. Even if you really believe that you need to score that many goals in case it goes to a tie breaker, it does not require you to jump up and down and laugh as if you’ve actually accomplished something by notching 14 goals against a country that has been thrown to the sharks by a confederation that has no idea how to foster the development of women’s soccer within its jurisdiction.

  8. Ken M says:

    Gregor, just reading (again) some of your stuff on the Vanufc site and here, such as the curriculum document there and the corner kick stuff here. Great stuff. I regularly refer back to it and its the best stuff out there for dad coaches. Thanks a lot.

  9. msasakamoose says:

    Hi, I was wondering of you could give me some information that would help me compare the Mountain United and Fusion football clubs for the girls teams?

    Thank you!

    • Gregor says:

      As I consistently say, I think it’s important that parents educate themselves about the clubs and coaches their kids are looking to play at. I am not the best source for that information though. The best sources, for starters, are the TD’s for those clubs. If you’re interested in Fusion and Mountain, talk to Jason Jordan at Fusion and Frank Ciaccia at Mountain.

  10. Nico says:

    Hi Gregor,

    I have only read February’s post and am delighted to hear another Canadian talking about football in this country from a developmental stand point. I do the same over here in Ontario at http://www.activekidsconsulting.wordpress.com

    Looking forward to diving in a reading more on your thoughts.


  11. Hayden says:

    Gregor, love the blog. As a Vancouver coach, was wondering if you could clarify UBC womens soccer events and your perspective on program. I have a daughter who was considering the school, but recently very turned off by the reputation of the staff.

    • Gregor says:

      I’m not sure what you mean by “clarify UBC womens soccer events”. Can’t speak to opinions on staff. As for my perspective, different people want different things from programs and coaches. On every team you’ll find players who embrace an approach and others who are alienated by it. I know coaches who have both great and terrible reputations from players on the same team.

  12. Hi Gregor,
    JJ here. Is this blog still running? Please check my blog at http://www.jbstsoccermagazine.com and let me know if you would like to have your story in our Winter 2016 issue. You blog here is lovely. Anything about soccer development, I am always sold.

    Jean Jacques ( JJ )

  13. football_UK says:

    Hi – for want of a better place to post this question. I’m about to start training my U14s for the new season. At the beginning of each (90 minute) session, they get the practice balls out and kickabout for 10 or 15 minutes until the whole squad is there. It’s not formatted. There’s some passing, crossing, firing shots at the keeper or two or 3 keepers at times (in the same goal).
    I can’t guarantee that everyone arrives on time. Should I stop letting them have a ball until it’s needed or do I carry on letting them have their fun. I know some of them enjoy this part as much as the ‘real’ training.

  14. Gregor says:

    Fairly common practice, especially in a recreational setting to let players have some unstructured time with a ball. You’d maybe want to avoid them hammering shots at keepers though until they’ve had some sort of warmup. Could introduce the idea of a rondo instead. 10-15 minutes is a bit long though and I do find that if players learn that training will indeed start on time they are more likely to make an effort to get there on time than if they know there’s going to be 10-15 minutes of kickabout time before you start the session.

    • Football_uk says:

      Thanks. Training starts with a non-ball warm up. Based on the one you mention on this site. So if I start on time, the players might not mind missing it!

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