Coach equipment: the Cambie Soccer Box

The Cambie Soccer Box is a great little innovation in helping coaches stay organized while keeping wet, dirty equipment from soiling cars and homes.

Brendan Quarry, of TSS fame, is perhaps onto something fairly big with this really well manufactured coach’s bag that holds cones in the central part of the bag while leaving room for a first aid kit, an insulated ice bag and pinnies at either end. An exterior pocket is sized perfectly for holding player ID cards and I believe a more recent edition than the one Brendan gave me makes it possible to stow a clipboard in the lid.


Just add balls and you really have a grab and go bag that covers you for all the basics of a standard practice and warm up for games. The semi-rigid construction lets it hold its shape well while still being flexible enough to be squeezed into various spaces in your car.  I’ve had mine for six months now and it’s become a regular part of my coaching apparel. I’ve noticed that it’s also a more efficient way of getting the players to get the bibs and cones put away at the end of practice now as well due to its visibility.

A deal with a major soccer equipment distributor is in the works (and may already be in place now) so it’s quite likely that you’ll start seeing Cambie Soccer Boxes pop up on larger soccer supply websites. Don’t know what they’re going to retail for but if you’re going to be coaching a team for awhile it’s probably a worthwhile investment. It doesn’t just contain the equipment you need most in one place, the tight seal also keeps the inevitable moisture, dirt and stink that gathers on cones and pinnies in the box and not in your car and home. So primary benefit for you as a coach and secondary benefits for the rest of the people you have in your car and house.


Full disclosure: I know Brendan. He gave me one of these. I hope he sells a ton. I think it’s a good product
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3 Responses to Coach equipment: the Cambie Soccer Box

  1. KuBo2008 says:

    Already emailed this to my wife and said “I need one”!!!

  2. Dan Brodie says:

    Gregor, please let us know where to purchase when they become available. Brilliant! Cheers!

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