My Euro theme song: Theme from Sparta FC (the Fall)

Ah Mark E. Smith, leader of the Fall. Not for the feint of heart nor the mild of manner. Eccentric even by English standards but brilliant all the same.

Good music goes with big football tournaments like Stellas go with calamari (for me…inseparable). This song from a couple years back seems like the perfect accompaniment to a scene featuring fans from England et al tromping off to the rather different footballing culture of Poland and the Ukraine. It could get ugly. Mark E. Smith nails it:

We have to pay for everything 
But some things are for free 
We live on blood 
We are Sparta F.C. 
English Chelsea fan this is your last game 
We’re not Galatasary We’re Sparta F.C. 

And take your fleecy jumper you won’t need it anymore
It is in the car boot moving away
‘Cause where you are going clothes won’t help
Stay at home with TV set

Here’s the song set amidst a perfectly Fall-esque video

Bring on the Euros. Looking forward to pumping out lots of nonsense on here while they’re on.

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1 Response to My Euro theme song: Theme from Sparta FC (the Fall)

  1. cutleron says:

    Can’t wait. For the Euros and your nonsense.
    “Feint of Heart” is a soccer pun, right?
    Just so happens we’re moving this weekend and last night the boys pulled out a box of old vinyl, including, wait for it: The Fall double-7″ (Spoilt Victorian Child)! Can’t even remember putting it on.

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