Congratulations to Summer Clarke

Voting for the CSA U17 Player of the Year awards concluded the other day and the results were just released. 

Ashley Lawrence took the award on the girls side and as team captain and the only player who is doing her second stint with the team (she was on the squad that competed in the 2010 U17 World Cup in Trinidad) and is fully deserving of the award.

I was very happy though to see Richmond’s Summer Clarke come in second of the six nominees though. It’s a fantastic honour and I know her dad, Clive Clarke (posts here as Rasta), who has coached her all through her youth career is very proud.

Summer Clarke after winning the U16 Provincial Cup with the Richmond Red Hot Selects, 2011

Summer now goes to Mexico with the U17 team to play two games against the Mexican U17 team on December 16 and 18 before CONCACAF qualifying for the 2012 Azerbaijan U17 Girls World Cup in the spring. Bryan Rosenfeld will once again be coach of the team.

Always great to see local players recognized at the national team level and I doubt this is the last accolade of this magnitude Summer will receive as she represents Canada.

You may remain that Rosenfeld led Canada to the gold medal at the CONCACAF qualifying tournament in Costa Rica with victories over the United States in the semi final and then Mexico in the final.

The 2012 team will be looking to duplicate the qualifying efforts of the 2010 team and Clarke’s prowess around the goal will no doubt be key to their success. She’s already scored a goal in one of two exhibition games against Japan last summer.

Here’s some highlights from Canada’s dramatic win against the USA in the last U17 CONCACAF qualifying tournament in 2010.

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15 Responses to Congratulations to Summer Clarke

  1. Colin Elmes says:

    wouldnt you know- not a single bit of recognition for this nomination and second place finish from the BCSA. I cynical person would think that this is because Summer has not “walked the walk” in the current player development model but of course I am not that cynical 😉 Hello guys from BCSA who skim these blogs. I will be asking the question directly very soon. Unless of course you would like to post something(today) recognising a BCSA registerred players incredible accomplishments at the National Team level……

    • Gregor says:

      I don’t think we need to turn a simple congratulatory post for a player that I’ve seen play over the years (my daughter’s the same age and so we played Summer/Clive’s team when we were younger) into a BCSA jab do we? Let’s try to focus on the accomplishment and not score points on the back of it.

  2. Colin Elmes says:

    As well, go look at the roster for this team. There is a young lady in the squad who plays for Real So Cal in Southern California. She obviously has some Canadian blood in her and is of standard to play at this level. I wonder if she has been through our Player Dev pathway in this country? Surely, if she hasnt, that would make her ineligible….?

  3. Colin Elmes says:

    K- slowly catching you up buddy. Gregor- keep writing blogs on female soccer please……

    • K says:

      Very cool to hear about a local lady! Yes, this should be plastered everywhere by BCSA. Glad you will ask them why it hasn’t been yet, CE.

      CE – I believe GY’s last count had you ahead of me in posts, so now you’ve done a Man Citeh and padded your GD! 🙂

      • Gregor says:

        Hope you guys don’t have money on this because WordPress stats are a bit incomplete. All I get collated are “recent comment” tallies but it doesn’t even seem to tell me what ‘recent’ means.

      • K says:

        I am a lowly public employee – can’t afford to bet!

  4. Colin Elmes says:

    in fairness , several others have also been nominated. Daniel Stanese U17, Jenna Richardson(U20) and Jaclyn Sawicki (U20), Leblanc, Schmidt, Sinclair at full Nat level and Simpson on Mens side. Maybe they are waiting to summarize the full lot of them in the next few days. I hope. I will call off the dogs. for now

  5. DJones says:

    Congrats Summer and Clive!

  6. Canadian Spur says:

    Congratulations Summer!

    I watched her play a couple of weeks ago…(she scored 2 against my daughter)…she really is quite a talent.

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