Great story: American Samoa win!

American Samoa are the lowest ranked team on the FIFA rankings. Pretty much always. They’d never won a game in their 30 official FIFA matches. Until two days ago. American Samoa beat Tonga 2-1 in a 2014 World Cup qualifier. They’re pretty happy about it.

To add to the history of the occasion, they also have the first transgendered player to play internationally. And she was named Man of the Match…

Video after the jump

Their next game, against Cook Islands, actually kicks off at 7pm PST today!

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3 Responses to Great story: American Samoa win!

  1. RR says:

    Now in the 81st minute… Good news: AS has scored the only two goals. Bad news: it’s 1:1 (OG).

    I wish them best of luck!

  2. Gregor says:

    Ended 1-1! Big game against Samoa coming up in a few days. That must be a derby…

  3. K says:

    What a great story!!! Almost as good as T&T getting knocked out of the World Cup already!

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