“What brings you here?”

I’m still fascinated by the search terms that bring people to this blog. While more than 90% of the visitors come here via bookmarks now rather than Google searches, here’s a list of what brought people here today:

  • monday morning centre back
  • abbotsford soccer + ccb merge
  • bchpl news
  • fusion bcpl
  • club what are using ltpd
  • barcelona youth coaching session
  • hpl soccer standings
  • is there hpl next year?
  • bc soccer premier league nov 16
  • hpl coach salary
  • fifa goal of the year nominees
  • info@ubcmetropolitanfc.com
  • movement after mini season in bcspl
  • defending corner kicks in soccer
  • bcpl soccer league
  • gregor young blog
  • volume 2 soccer
  • monday morning centerback

Definitely a sign that now that the mini season is over people are wondering what happens next in the world of BCPL (definitely a surge in such searches this past week) but also interesting to see some interest in the CSA’s LTPD information.

In terms of people looking for tactical support there’s a clear demand for info on corner kicks and free kicks more than anything else. Pretty sure I stuck something up awhile back on how I approach defending corners (in youth soccer) but if not I’ll need to get on that….

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22 Responses to “What brings you here?”

  1. K says:

    General soccer knowledge. Topics not really a big deal. Just like conversing about the sport.

  2. I’ve been lurking for a month or two. My google term was something akin to “youth soccer vancouver development”

    BTW, quite pleased with the blog. My children are still young, but it’s nice to see some of my concerns (especially regarding the difficulty in emphasizing technical development to Canadian parents) reflected in these posts and in comments of fellow readers. Please keep it going.

  3. Colin Elmes says:

    I just like conversing with my hero former UBC and CSL player Gregor Young. And I want to stay ahead of K for number of posts

  4. Julie says:

    All your postings on HPL helped our family decide which way to go. Thanks!

  5. Kevin Sheedy says:

    i just like to hear people having a go at elmo aka” rock thrower” and his calculated retorts. Gregor can you provide any photographic evidence that you actually played soccer and i dont mean the sunday boys league back home .

  6. Chuck says:

    I came looking for info on BCPL movement, which is hard to figure out…and seemingly hopeless at my kid’s age (U13, next year U14, girls)…you going to post anything on this topic?

    Nice site, great stuff here now that I’m looking around.

    • Gregor says:

      Welcome and thanks. This was at one time a BCPL hotspot and I’ve had many people thank me for that online and offline but it seems it’s not as appreciated by others in the soccer community who see the views posted and commented on here as counter-productive to the success of the league. To that ned I’ve agreed to leave the messaging to others, presumedly BCPL franchises themselves, and refrain from any more coverage. As I’ve said before, this blog was never intended to be an advocate or critic of BCPL but in the absence of other forums to discuss its merits, this became the de facto hangout to get and exchange info.

      I think the league got off to a better than anticipated start (in terms of organization and quality of play) than most (especially nay-sayers) thought they would and I don’t feel the need to kick the tires any more so, at best, you may get the odd tangential mention of the league but other than that I’m moving on and although I did say something similar to that once before, when I was left shaking my head at some of the feedback I was getting (second hand of course), this time it’s fair to say I’ll be focusing on other aspects of youth soccer for good now.

      Now all the people who said they never read this blog will really never have to read it 😉

      • Chuck says:

        I can completely understand why you refrain from comment on BCPL.

        There’s far more interesting information and discussion here than BCPL in any case, so your readership should remain vibrant…

      • Gregor says:

        Thanks Chuck,

        Perhaps. But of the 235 posts I’ve made on this blog the top 15 stories (and 26 of the top 28), in terms of page views were BCPL related posts! There’s still a huge appetite out there for info and I wish the league luck in developing an effective communication strategy to deal with the strong desire for information about their league and to combat some of the misinformation that’s out there as well.

  7. Colin Elmes says:

    No more youth soccer discussions on TTP….
    Where else am I going to go other then here?

    • Gregor says:

      I’m sure nearpost.ca will continue to carry the flag…if you can manage more than one post per month.

      Besides, there will be youth soccer discussion here just not BC*L based.

  8. Colin Elmes says:

    we are streaky, just like most top strikers…..

  9. Greg Basham says:

    What brought me here was googling my old team name – Burdett Beavers- looking for a photo and article Len Corben had written a few years back. I was on the original team but not the first year but joined the second year where we won the Mainland Cup – Div. 6 and then both the Mainland and Provincial Cups in Div. 5.

  10. Greg Basham says:

    Gregor, I saw you had played with Burdetts later. The name was bad – Beavers. Even as young players it would crack us up as one of our players’ dads would be screaming with his Eng. accent “Come on the Beavers.” If you google Burdett Beavers – your page ranks at the top.

  11. Julian says:

    Hi, I was a Burdett Beaver to. Great team!! We seemed to win every thing for a few years! League and Tournaments. Ball boy at the White Caps game one year at Empire Stadium. Must have been 1975? 76? My name is Julian. I did the same thing…Googled Burdett Beavers.

  12. Rodney Emerson says:

    I played for the Burdett Beavers from 1965-1967, We wore green jerseys. We had multiple teams in age groups and we did great in each age group..

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