Goal of the season competition is now over. Wow.

Is anyone really going to be this one from Bayer Leverkusen’s Eren Derdiyok? Three perfect touches to win the game against Wolfsburg on the weekend.

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13 Responses to Goal of the season competition is now over. Wow.

  1. K says:

    100% worth the yellow card!

  2. Fred Cutler says:

    Pity about the guy changing his shirt who missed it.

    Problem is, it’s a reward for route one, Eric Hassli, Carlton Cole, John Carew, Peter Crouch soccer that no-one should be proud of. That ball to the striker was entirely speculative, even if perfectly delivered. So I’ll never vote for a goal like this.

    • Gregor says:

      Yes, it’s definitely a speculative route one type ball. And I’ve just written a piece on how hit and hope soccer is killing us at both the elite and recreational level on the girls side. I will say though that I don’t equate the occasional ‘speculative, perfectly delivered long ball with panic driven, head down, lumpage of the ball upfield in the hopes that it ends up in the vicinity of a teammate. There’s speculation, which has its time and place in games, and there’s poor decisions on the ball. I see an intent behind that pass and while it was a low percentage ball played into a tight space to a player marked by two defenders…he did, as you say, hit it perfectly. Players need to able to hit every type of pass and display a full range of abilities. I’m more against those balls being the defining feature of games especially when hit without any other intent than getting the ball as far up the field as possible regardless of the positioning of teammates.

      • K says:

        Sorry Fred, but yer well off it. The pass was hit perfectly! Height, angle, weight, distance. Not to mention the first touch, second touch, footwork and application of overhead kick technique was exceptional. This goal is the best goal we’ll see for this reason this year – although, in my opinion, not as good as Rooney’s last season v. City due to the importance of the MU v. MC match and the time of the match.

        Was it speculative in that it was hit to a forward on the move between two defenders? Yes. I would put money on this FB being able to do that more often than not however. Unlike a defender such as Patrice Evra who really can’t make any long pass except to the opposite full-back, who is stationary and unmarked. If Evra attempted that I’d remark it as a speculative “Get it to Wayne!” kind of pass.

        I think you have the idea of route one soccer wrong, there, Fred. Route One is typically signified by the defenders sitting deep, and by-passing the MF throughout the match by launching balls up to 1 or 2 target players who are simply looking to flick the ball on, or hold it up. Which is of course far different than young boys and girls putting their head down and “kicking” the ball any which way just so long as the parents and coach cheer them on.

        Gregor is very correct – kids need to know how to make all kinds of passes. This video is very clearly a pass. Meulensteen at MUFC says “We don’t teach short possession or long possession, we teach ‘the right pass at the right time.'”

  3. Fred Cutler says:

    Points taken guys. But Stoke or Bolton doing this all game against Vidic or Terry would generate the usual dismissive commentary unless Crouch could pull this off. What a horrible thought.
    Now, I agree that not only might this produce a goal, but it keeps the centre backs honest and on their heels even if it doesn’t produce goals. I’ll let my fullbacks hit this pass, for sure. I’ll even train them to do it.

    I think the second touch was a bit fortunate. It’s only a good touch when seen in light of the the desperate bicycle reaction. Otherwise we hear: “poor second touch took him away from goal”. A better first touch (admittedly it was VERY good) would have taken him slightly to his right behind the more central defender to allow for a simple side-foot finish or a PK caused by that defender knocking him down.

    We need two categories: great individual goals and great goals period. For me, this could win the first but appear below 10 on the latter list. I admit it’s incredible, but I’d rather watch two or three or four of the goals my U13s have scored in the last two weeks. They were pretty. This one ain’t.

    I never said route one was desperate hacking clearances under any sort of pressure. Nothing of the sort — Gregor merely said, for clarity, that route one balls are not clearances. He wasn’t addressing anything in my very short post equating the two. Route one, as you say, is backs passing it around until they (and we) are bored, and finding no MF options or doubting their skill at delivering the right pass, they loft a nicely weighted ball to, e.g., Carlton Cole, who’s beaten in the air to it by decent centre backs. Trust me, I’ve watched too much of it and cried in my beer repeatedly over the last few years.

    • K says:

      I think comparing a goal in a professional game, packed with fans against top level defenders to that of 12 year olds in a local park is a bit far reaching Fred.

      This goal is world class not because of the pass, though the pass is great. It’s world class for the following reasons;

      1. The first touch from over the shoulder bringing down an at-pace 40 yarder between two defenders.
      2. The footwork following the so-called “fortunate” second touch to then position himself in such a way as to be able to attempt;
      3. The creativity and bravery required to even attempt the overhead kick.

      Brilliant goal. Wazza’s was better though!

  4. Fred Cutler says:

    Oh, and please note the deliberate use of fullbacks in the first sentence. We don’t want our centre backs hitting this ball because that first touch is nigh impossible from that angle.

  5. Burnsie says:

    Yes, Gregor, you were known for your Beckenbaueresque passes…..the ten yarders to the center-midfielder in front of you, who would deliver the ball you wanted to make. 😉 Though I do remember one SPECTACULAR kick against UVIC one year. It wasn’t a ball unfortunately…:)

    BTW, the pass was VERY good to the striker in that goal. Quality.

    • Gregor says:

      Burnsie, you’re worse than Colin P! Can’t see that guy without him reminding me of that weak red card call against me UVic 24 years ago.

      And I was thinking more Alan Hansen than the Kaiser but thanks for the compliment…

  6. Burnsie says:

    Weak red card? Haha. That would have been a submission move in today’s UFC world. 🙂

  7. Burnsie says:

    Yes…..and Rocky. Three National Championships. 🙂

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