The Donosti Cup. Awesome.

Just a quick one as it´s after 1am here and this Basque language keyboard on the hotel laptop is driving me nuts. Getting lots of these: ñç¿

When we went to the Dana Cup two years ago we thought the Opening Ceremonies were fantastic. The Donosti Cup just wiped the floor with that experience.ç


Yes, they need a bit of quality and quanity control on the local teams they let in. We won our first game this morning 10-0 despite our best attempts to play down to the other team´s level. Then our opponents played again in the afternoon and won 4-1. We play the team they beat on Wednesday. Did we need to fill the net with ten goals? Well, the tie breakers are goal difference, then goals for, then head to head with the team you´tied with and the team we play in the morning also won 10-0.

But the apparent lack of quality teams in our group is the only downside. This city is stunning. I´ll figure out how to get them out of my iPhone and hosted somewhere so I can embed them here. I´ve been to some amazing places but this is really quite an amazing city.

Tournament organization is top notch. Everything runs on time. Everything they are supposed to do is done. The videos I´m sticking up here just give you a sense of the atmosphere. I´ll post more on the tournament later. Gotta get to bed now.

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3 Responses to The Donosti Cup. Awesome.

  1. K says:

    Must be frustrating to go all that way and play a bronze-level team. Enjoy!

  2. Banjo-man says:

    Wow, a tier 2 (or 3?) team here paying all that money and time to go overseas and they win 10-0 in their first game, and is looking at the same or worse in game 2….glad I’m not coaching those games. Was there not a “competitive” division? 😦

    • Gregor says:

      No competitive division. I’m going to write something more in-depth about the tournament but as I’ve been saying to people there are tons of great things about the Donosti Cup but their quality control over the local girls teams they allow in is a serious problem to their credibility.

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