U17 World Cup: Souleymane Coulibaly (Ivory Coast)

Well Canada’s gone out after not being able to score a goal against Rwanda but there’s still some good reasons to keep watching the U17 World Cup.

First and foremost is the ‘new Drogba’, Souleymane Coulibaly who already has eight goals in three games including a hat trick against Brazil that featured a perfect bicycle kick in traffic.

Video below

I’d be amazed if Arsene Wenger doesn’t already have a bid in for this kid.

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2 Responses to U17 World Cup: Souleymane Coulibaly (Ivory Coast)

  1. K says:

    I have only seen this highlight video. Is this a case of this kid being THAT good or THAT athletic? Obviously he has a combination. Just wondering. Plays like a Drogba (in the video) so this tag might actually be accurate.

    8 Goals in 3 games? That’s disgusting!

    (sidenote/comment):You should do a write-up on what’s happened at River Plate – leading up to the riot, not the riot itself – poor money mgt (surely), lack of development (unlikely) etc….

    • Gregor says:

      Yeah, if you compare his build to some of the Canadian U17s….you then want to compare his birth certificate! He’s built and two of the goals are him bulling his way past defenders but the quality element is there in some of the other goals.

      As for River Plate, I just don’t know enough about them. I do know I want to see a Boca v River Plate game at the Bombanero before I die.

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