BC Soccer AGM amendments: districts and cup play

Sorry for the lack of posts. Busy time of year.

I’ve just read through the list of defeated and approved amendments from the recent BCSA AGM. Some interesting things there. Unless I’m mistaken here’s the more interesting  District boundary changes as well as club movement from one District to another:

  • New Westminster boys have joined Burnaby Disrtict (wording is difficult and hard to tell if other amendments that were passed affected this. If you know more, please comment below)
  • Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows have split from North District and gone to Alouette
  • Central Fraser Valley Girls District now extends all the way to Hope
Further, there is clarification on how Cup play will work next season. A new Cup, called Premier Cup has been added for HPL teams. And yes it seems that they have moved back to calling it the BC HPL even though the BCSA document initially refers to the league as the BCPL early on but Amendment #14 seems to be definitive:

“a) The Association shall oversee the operation of the BC Soccer High Performance League, herein known as the BCHPL ”

Back to Cup play…There is the Premier Cup which is open to anyone (in good standing) except the first two years 2012 and 2013. For the first two years only BCHPL teams can enter. The Premier Cup will now be the competition that provides a BC entrant to national club championships (rather than A Cup).

The A Cup and B Cup competitions remain pretty much unchanged.

Full document available here but for some reason, parts of the pdf I downloaded are blank or seem redacted. That seems to be a glitch at my end.

That’s what caught my eye. Anything else in there that’s worth noting? Comment below.


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14 Responses to BC Soccer AGM amendments: districts and cup play

  1. K says:

    Amendment #4 seems to suggest some academies and schools have applied or will apply for membership – but in my mind this suggests there will be MORE academies and schools popping up as a result.

    Interesting Mission girls switched boundaries but boys did not? If I read this right Langley is now in Alouette district. Wonder how the Alouette North families are going to feel about now having to pay the toll bridge. I’d not be pleased and likely switch to a Tri-Cities team if I could handle bridge traffic!

    Unlimited HPL transfers. Excellent. Is the failing to call is the EA Sports BCHPL indicative?

    Crim Record Checks required – excellent.

    • Gregor says:

      Yeah, it was interesting that after resisting ‘associate membership’ to Academies (well, TSS) they have now moved to streamline the process for such applications in the future.

      The HPL unlimited transfers is good but we won’t know the efficacy of that until we see the mechanism for transfers. It also says there will be a youth-to-youth permit system but that is also still to be defined.

      The criminal records check is a step in the right direction too. It’s expensive (just did mine and while there’s a special rate that’s almost half the rack rate, it’s still $28 per person) but necessary. What was mentioned to me though is that the Vancouver Police Department do a more comprehensive check for the same price. This one doesn’t just check for convictions but details such as ‘suspicious activity’.

      • Colin Elmes says:

        Gregor, I dont read it that way. The motion to remove the need for 3 sponsoring districts and streamline the “for profit academy” application process was defeated

      • Gregor says:

        You’re right. Didn’t notice the big “Defeated” text superimposed over top!

  2. Colin Elmes says:

    No access for anyone to challenge for Cup that advances to Nationals.- not in the spirit of the game. It would be like stopping the old USL 1 Vancouver Whitecaps from being eligible for the Nutralite Champions league competition because they are from a “lower” league. Let the game on the field prove the BCHPL dominance. Typical boardroom decision that should have been solved on the grass….

  3. Stephen Burns says:

    2 years to see if the league flies?

  4. Colin Elmes says:

    K. I know that. its not right even for two years. Shouldn’t happen at all

    Burnsie, is that sarcasm 😉

  5. Jerry K says:

    BC Soccer launched this web site yesterday 6/16/11 http://www.bcsoccerpremierleague.net/
    It seems like there still undecided as to what to call the league.

  6. Bruce says:

    Is it standard practice for BCSA to publish a BCSA program link in an article, but not host the link on their web site or is it just well hidden (kinda like the links to clubs)?

  7. True soccer says:

    Just looking at the posts and all the new rules to cater to the new BCHPL. Restricting open competition and stopping our youth to develop through open competition? Is the league not supposed to be about development. How do we gauge if the players are developing if they are protected from playing the tier 2 teams. Let the kids play and who ever wins should get to the nationals. You would be cheating so many of the kids to the fair right to competition and reward.
    Also this was not mentioned when the HPL teams were selected or discussions about the league were happening. Why the protection. Perhaps have a tier 2 competition to see who can challenge the Premier Cup. This was only the best will be allowed to compete.

  8. footyfanatic says:

    They’d never admit it (or maybe they would) but this 2 year thing I believe was designed to close the door on a handful of specific coaches who are keeping their metro/select teams together at the second-tier. Whether that’s right or not is a whole other discussion, but I believe that is the point because in two years the teams these coaches run will be past the national age groups.

  9. Justanothersoccermom says:

    Look at West Van, no gold team this year, metro players moved to hpl, gold moved to metro, there are now two metro teams on the north shore.

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