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MLS Chalkboards = blogger nerd heaven

Wow. Hardly any fanfare from MLS about the launch of really user-friendly, detailed chalkboards (powered by Opta). Just go to the MLS schedule page, select the game you’re interested in, click the Matchcentre link and then the Chalkboard button. Hours … Continue reading

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U17 World Cup: Souleymane Coulibaly (Ivory Coast)

Well Canada’s gone out after not being able to score a goal against Rwanda but there’s still some good reasons to keep watching the U17 World Cup. First and foremost is the ‘new Drogba’, Souleymane Coulibaly who already has eight … Continue reading

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Women’s World Cup: Canada v Germany

I’ll try to put something more substantive out later when I’ve got a bit more time but a few quick thoughts. Some interesting set pieces by Canada. Obviously a lot of thought has gone into them but the more complex … Continue reading

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U17 World Cup: Canada vs England – commentary

Some loosely connected thoughts on the game… So a minute in and as you’d expect with U17’s, nerves are trying to be calmed by battering the ball forward with much force and little purpose (sadly, having now seen the whole … Continue reading

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U17: Canada’s keeper scores from own half, in open play, to tie game

I’m working on a longer piece that looks at this game more closely and hope to have it up today but in the meantime…  

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Did Landon Donovan just make the best pass of the year?

I missed most of the USA v Panama Gold Cup semi-final as I had to coach tonight but I caught the highlights and I’d have to say I’m pretty stunned by the ball Landon Donovan played to Clint Dempsey for … Continue reading

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BC Soccer AGM amendments: districts and cup play

Sorry for the lack of posts. Busy time of year. I’ve just read through the list of defeated and approved amendments from the recent BCSA AGM. Some interesting things there. Unless I’m mistaken here’s the more interesting  District boundary changes … Continue reading

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