Odds n Ends

* Wish my blog was as good as this one. Good articles and really nice, clean layout.

* Here’s another one I just discovered. The Secret Footballer. Supposedly written, anonymously, by a Premier League footballer. I’ve read a few of his columns and they’re all good.

* For all our complaints about league administration, I’ll say this. If the local leagues were run the same way that some of the girls high school divisions were run, we’d have alienated 80% of the players into quitting by now. My daughter plays on the Grade 10 (Junior) team at her school. There are eight teams in the league but they’ve allowed so much player movement between the age groups, without any sort of general coordination amongst the schools, that her team is in a league that is a complete waste of time. Not only are they undefeated and unscored on but, wait for it…they haven’t conceded a goal kick the whole season (seven games). You can imagine how exciting the games are as the coaches look for ways to keep it interesting for the girls without insulting their opponents.

* In other ‘adults messing up kids sports’ news, my youngest had a baseball game today. I’m not the biggest baseball fan in the world so I’ll try to be balanced here. This was supposed to be an eight team tournament with two teams each from Dunbar, Jericho, Kerrisdale and Little Mountain. It’s an ‘all star’ tournament that saw Dunbar have tryouts to select players for their two teams. My son and one more were the only ones taken from his regular team. The difference in play between his regular team and this team is similar to the difference between BCPL and Metro, Gold, low Silver. It’s a really big swing. Somehow Little Mountain didn’t get the memo. Might not be their fault. They literally may have not got the info about what this tournament was about but they came with a team that was just a regular team (not an amalgamation of their best players) and was, on average one to two years younger than our team. Net result: a blowout mitigated only by the five run per inning rule and my kid touching the ball four times in a two hour game. Three hits and he got to field the ball once in five innings. Really hoping the other teams we play tomorrow and Monday did get the memo.

So many people, adults, working so hard, as volunteers, to put on these extra things for kids and it gets sideswiped by some bad decision making by one or two others that sees two teams of totally different levels of play facing each other (both in high school soccer and little league baseball). No one enjoys it.

* And while I’m not a huge Anson Dorrance fan, this interview serves up some great quotes and interesting ideas. Such as, “Women are easier to coach but harder to manage. Men are harder to coach but easier to manage.” May be true for men coaching women but it would be interesting to hear a female coach’s perspective on that.

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6 Responses to Odds n Ends

  1. K says:

    Great blog links. Thanks. Quick google search suggests the Secret Footballer is most likely Danny Murphy or this Carlisle guy.

    I’d suggest your first mistake was actually allowing your kid to play baseball! 🙂

    • Gregor says:

      My Google search led to Kevin Davies being TSF! As for baseball, I’m a conscientious objector. My wife signs him up each year.

      • K says:

        Yep, I read Davies was dismissed as he hasn’t played for many clubs as was suggested TSF has done…??? Whoever, doesn’t matter. Good reads and thanks for sharing them.

  2. Julie says:

    It’s the nature of baseball–sometimes you don’t touch the ball in long stretches. Baseball is losing numbers and likely Little Mountain doesn’t have the depth that other clubs have. Similar problem here to soccer–should amalgamate clubs within Vancouver.

    • Gregor says:

      Not being involved for long stretches is not my ideal sporting experience!

      I’ve actually heard good things about Little Mountain Little League but it must have been a long weekend for their team this weekend.

      There will be more amalgamations amongst the clubs in Vancouver in the next few years I think. We’re already going from 11 (Dun, Kerr, PG, DPK, Killarney, KLM, ICSF, Grandview, Marpole, VFC and VGSC) to 8 (Dun, Kerr and PG merger as well as Grandview and VGSC merger) this coming season.

  3. Phisper says:

    We live in a world where children play with their age group OR with “like ability” kids. People are passionate about one or the other. How will the middle of the pack kids learn if they dont play with higher level kids? How will elite kids develop if they are constantly dominating others?

    It all comes down to admin chaos. Its easier to manage everyone by birthdate AND it is difficult to tell parents and children they are good/not good enough.

    If baseball (sport) were put along side the classroom (education), is 3 minutes of involvement good enough in a 3 hour session. hmmmm.

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