Best cross of the year?

Memut Ozil hits one in off the outside of his left peg for Ronaldo to notch against Getafe today. Great header but an even better ball in to him.

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4 Responses to Best cross of the year?

  1. Julie says:

    He crossed with his left foot. Course at their levels all players use either foot just as well. But is this player a natural left-footer playing on the right side and what do you think of putting a left-footer on that side for young teams?

    • Gregor says:

      Ozil is indeed left footed but the amazing part to me is that he realizes he has to play the cross immediately or the space will be gone and the space itself is miniscule.

      Ronaldo has inside position on the outside back but Ozil has to drop it over the centre back, who is actually well positioned for the cross (he has held a high line and is close enough to drop off and challenge for the cross against Ronaldo) but Ronaldo just gets a great leap and the ball is perfectly placed by Ozil between the two defenders and with enough pace that the keeper hasn’t got enough time to get out and challenge for it.

      As for putting left footers on the right, I think it works well if they have the ability and willingness to take defenders on 1v1 and cut inside to get shots away.

  2. K says:

    I wish all players at that level used both feet equally well – not sure Adam Johnson has ever used his right foot for anything.

    Putting right footed players on the left and left footed players on the right is most certainly something one should consider. Especially as all the players look to mostly pass centrally – and indeed of course create more shooting opportunities for themselves.

    Julie, it can be called putting the winger on his “off wing”. I coach boys, and they regularly ask me to do it – which I agree with happily. The days of, “get it wide, take on the man, and whip it in” are going going gone.

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