VR get a name (and a new website)

VR is now officially Fusion FC. I think. Website here

They work Pacific Premier into the logo as well but I’m not sure if that’s part of the name or if the name of this league has actually changed one more time to BC Pacific Premier Soccer League. Maybe someone could clarify where the ‘Pacific Premier’ fits into the moniker?

By the way, my favourite part of the site so far is at the bottom of this page where it says:

Why Us

Sed in lacus ut enim adipiscing aliquet. Nulla venenatis. In pede mi, aliquet
sit amet, euismod in, auctor ut, ligula.
Aliquam dapibus tincidunt.

Just wondering if that’s really placeholder text or a plaintive “why me” cry for help followed by gibberish…sorry, that’s just piling on.

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29 Responses to VR get a name (and a new website)

  1. Geoff says:

    Yeah just went there, Gregor. Looks like filler text. There’s nothing in the Staff and Coaches link though on the http://www.richmondsoccer.com/webapps/contentmgr/portal?pageref=premier&appid=rysa page, they do announce the U17 and U18 boys coaches finally.

    There is also final confirmation of coaches for the South Fraser U17/U18 Boys at

  2. Geoff says:

    I think it’s Latin for “grasp on tightly to one’s shekels” and will be printed on the warm-up T-shirt kit. 😉

  3. scott says:

    Fusion FC ….. sounds like a great west coast restaurant.

  4. Fred Cutler says:

    Hey, that’s par for the North American course — terrible name. But at least it isn’t Crystal Palace VanRich. Or Real Rich Van. Now that’s a good one, if I do say so myself.
    MLS would have more credibility if it banned these Euro-parrot names and if it immediately dismissed referees like last night’s shambolic fool.

  5. Phil Hernandez says:

    English translation:
    Why Us translation:
    But in the Customer Welcome to aliquet. Tuesday, September. In the foot, my, the aliquet is amet, euismod in, the author of that, ligula. Welcome to This tincidunt.

    New Technologies translation:
    With my comrades and the household gods and the great gods of the mountains of parturient, a ridiculous mouse shall be born. There is no DUI. We hate feugiat malesuada. Now to hate the disease, pregnant at, the running nor, the grief of a, Lore. Read more, and of Shem. We ultricies a great quiver. Privacy orcs. Until it is amet eros. We manager.

    Source: http://www.stars21.com/translator/latin_to_english.html

  6. Gregor says:

    Was sure it was going to be, “We will teach your kids that getting a second yellow for removing your jersey after a goal is the height of idiocy.”

  7. Larry says:

    Does anyone know if Van-Rich, ….I mean Fusion FC ever resolved their field permitting issues with Vancouver Parksboard on “out of city” players? or are they using non-city fields such as UBC.

    • Gregor says:

      Not resolved. Talked about this with a Fusion type the other day about this. Not sure where they’ll be playing yet. The hope, I believe, is that they will get time at Empire once it’s reconstituted as two turf fields when BC Place is ready for use.

    • Colin Elmes says:

      Larry, same problem in Richmond. Unless you want to pay commercial rates and be at the bottom of the rung to get access( like TSS)

  8. Colin Elmes says:

    2 ejections in 4 games. how old is this guy? 20? no he is in his early 30’s. what a joke

  9. Colin Elmes says:

    Joker! Joker! Joker! for $200. Remember that game show? Jak Par was the host. Jokers Wild. Those were the days when I was in a better mood……

  10. concern says:

    slavenko Kokic ( u-15 girls coach ) has no certification…i know this for a fact and he was let go already at the beginning of the season…working on uefa a license…what a joke fusion fc is????????????????????????????????????????

    • Gregor says:

      I think I should clarify. Saying Slavenko was ‘let go’ is an oversimplification. There were disagreements with a group of parents who had been playing in Bby to U13 but came to VFC for Metro (BTW, why is it that Bby is getting into a habit of having very good U13 girls teams that fall apart at the end of the season). It became untenable and JJ felt it was best if Slavenko stepped away from the team and another pro coach, Ciaran McMahon, was put in charge of the team.

      As for certification, I have no idea, and yes it’s become a bit of a running joke that everyone who comes over from Europe seems to have a UEFA B License in their back pocket but it’s not terribly fair to come on here and state, anonymously, that he has no certification and somehow that makes Fusion FC a joke.

  11. Coachrich says:

    Good start for the site but I’m still perplexed why the members especially a BCSA entity like BCSPL are not using the BCSA online member portal. Members have paid ($3ooK est over 3yrs +) and are still paying for a online member management system that includes scheduling, registration and web site modules.

    Wouldn’t it be a great concept to not waste player/member money and present a league portal like most leagues do with clubs under one web portal and a league branding image?


    I would image sponsors would be looking for a overall organized and a business like run sports league organization. The BC members web portal should have been a given in my books.

    • K says:

      I’ve suggested the same web page for all the teams as well. Good of you to find local examples, there are also SYL, USSDA, NBA, NHL…..

    • One foot on the pitch says:

      The BCSA system is only a fraction of what is required to run a club properly – when the need to run a parallel system was brought to them with regard to the BCPL application process the reaction was “everyone else has signed on”. Interesting to see, as with many other application items that it doesn’t seem to matter what was put on the application, there is no follow-up to make sure the application was factual. Perhaps the one BCSA IT person assigned to the development of the member portal can also police it’s use…

  12. RR says:

    Well, the Latin seems to have been removed, but I don’t think much thought went into the pic under Assessment / Registration — looks more like U7s than players in the U13-U18 brackets of the league currently known (variously) as BCPL, BCSPL, and EABCSPL.

  13. valleysoccer says:

    anybody know how the under 15 (1997) girls tryouts have been going for VCR/Richmond HPL. I think slovanko is the new coach and it would be interesting to know the numbers at tryouts

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