Whitecaps v Sporting Kansas City: player reviews

GK. Jay Nolly: Decent and hard to blame on any of the goals except the first as he overcomitted at the near post and gave too much goal for Bunbury to aim at. Made a meal of some easy stuff; one in particular where he conceded an unnecessary corner. Distribution shaky at times. Came and held several crosses well though.

D. Jonathan Leathers: Competent but didn’t get forward much and didn’t link well with Knight or Chiumiento.

D. Greg Janicki: Critical of his own performance but did well considering what a handful Bunbury is.

RM. Nizar Khalfan 63′ for Janicki: Great sub by the Caps. Don’t know anything about Khalfan but he immediately terrorized Kansas with penetrating runs and great crosses that led to two goals and great chances.

D. Michael Boxall: Physical. Good in air.

D. Alain Rochat: Best player on the field for me. Never put a foot wrong defensively and makes excellent use of the ball in attack. Gets forward well.

LM. Wes Knight: Bit overmatched. Never really had much effect on game.

LM. Davide Chiumiento 69′ for Knight: Another great sub. Just hard to understand why it wasn’t made earlier if Chiumiento was fit enough to play. The best midfielder on the team and a constant danger in the attacking third. Bit like Nasri when the Arsenal man feels like playing.

CM. Gershon Koffie: Effective as a holding mid. Nothing too flashy.

CM. Terry Dunfield: Dunfield is likely amazing in possession drills and small sided games in training. Great awareness and rarely caught in possession as he almost always plays one and two touch. Problem is that his sphere of influence seems limited to a 20 yard sphere around him. Struggles to play longer balls and doesn’t have the lungs to go box to box too much.You need that at times (range on the ball and off) if you’re going to play in the middle of the park.

D: Blake Wagner: Didn’t notice him enough to comment.

F. Atiba Harris: Had a tough job as Camilo was often absent for link play. Had to carry the load up top on his own for stretches as it was only in the final minutes of the game that the Caps attacked with sufficient support for any length of time. Might have been a different (and not nearly as dramatic) game if his well taken shot in the 33rd minute hadn’t been well-saved by Jimmy Neilsen the Kansas gk. Took his goal well but I have no idea what happened to the Kansas marking on the play. At one point, three defenders are tracking Harris and then they all drift away even though he’s the only real target for the incoming cross.

F. Camilo: He’ll go down as the “two goal hero” but I’m not convinced. Thought he was poor for the first 90 minutes. (on second thought, way too hard on him).Pulled into a nice space for the cutback from Chiumiento on the first goal though and positioned himself well to get to the cross ahead of the much bigger centre back on the second goal. Just wish he’s been more prevalent the rest of the game.

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4 Responses to Whitecaps v Sporting Kansas City: player reviews

  1. K says:

    WHAT!?!?! What a great result all things considered!

    • Canadian Spur says:

      I have to say Rochat was at fault for the Kamara goal. Left him completely unmarked even though Nolly was yelling and pointing trying to get someone to pick him up.

  2. Gregor says:

    Yeah, I think I have to retract the Camilo comment. On second viewing he was way more active and dangerous than I thought.

  3. K says:

    I say we fasttrack his Canuckian citizenship and get him capped! 🙂

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