Whitecaps screenwriter deserves raise

UPDATE: Sounds like the Portland Timbers hired the Caps screenwriter. Timbers win home opener 4-2 amid electric atmosphere

So just as the most cynical were thinking up bon mots for Teitur’s early demise as it hit 3-0 and the team looked doomed to their second goalless loss, chapter two of the success story started writing itself.

I made a late decision to go with my daughter after watching the VFC U16 girls win their Cup game over SurDel and picked up excellent seats just off the halfway line, five rows up for $40 each. I now think I got a deal because section 225 must be the designated “arrive late and come and go as much as you like during the game” section.

Throw in the resurrection of Winger, now in proper mascot couture and re-named Spike for some reason and the stage was set for a letdown atmosphere-wise. Even the drummers I’d been led to believe were simply season ticket holders were now involved in the pre- game, on field festivities (were they also involved last game? Didn’t notice).

But it still worked. Obviously, scoring three straight, two in injury time, to tie the game really tightened up the storyline but the general energy and innate fan involvement continued to be what defines the experience of a Whitecaps home game.

Two home games, two perfect scripts.

This is a high ↑. This is a low ↓


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9 Responses to Whitecaps screenwriter deserves raise

  1. RR says:

    Turning point: Chiumiento enters match in 69th minute. The Caps really missed DC’s creativity and poise last week, and it showed badly. I’m not knocking any of the other mids, but the difference between Davide Chiumiento and any other Whitecaps midfielder is incredibly huge. Camilo was force all day long today, but it was the penetrating threat of Chiumiento and the speed on the left flank from Khalfan that opened things up for the Caps in the final minutes.

    TT likely won’t waver from his 4-4-2, but I wonder how things would look with a Dutch twist — with Hassli, Camilo, and Harris up front.

    Barring that, there’s the ol’ SFC 4-4-3! (:-0)

    • Gregor says:

      Agree about DC but I’ll need to watch the game again on TV. My memory of Camilo was he was ineffective. Out of touch with Harris when he should have been playing off him and either lost possession or took wild shots when he had the ball. Still, it was only his first game with the team and he scored two goals so I’m probably being too hard on him.

    • Colin Elmes says:

      Gregor- the horse is dead.

      from Sportstown FC

  2. Gregor says:

    Sign at the game today (held by a guy wearing a Canucks jersey): “Killing time until the Canucks game”

    I stand by my comment after the first game that there is no comparison between the atmosphere, so far, at a Whitecaps game compared to the sterile marketing platform that is Rogers Arena during a hockey game.

    And I don’t think anyone would argue that there wasn’t better sports value at Empire this afternoon than there was at the Canucks v Oilers game this evening.

  3. Colin Elmes says:

    Game swung when #23 Kamara got tired of our section(208) verbal assault and turned to us and showed the score with his hands( 3-1 at the time) just before taking a throw in. He wouldnt even look our way after it went 3-3.

  4. Colin Elmes says:

    saw the canuck guy and his sign. idiot.

  5. Fred Cutler says:

    Another raise after the drama v. Revolution. Wow.

  6. RR says:

    This just in…Dynamo 3, Whitecaps 1 — script writer canned.

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