BCPL franchise contact info

UPDATED April 20/11: Okanagan info added

Just some housekeeping so you can get all the franchise links in one place. Had a look for Island and Okanagan info but haven’t been able to find any yet. I’ll add links if they’re left in the comments:

Coquitlam Metro Ford:
Site has almost all coaches, evaluation dates, fees, fee schedule, chronology

Magnuson Ford Mariners  (Abbotsford):
Separate links for Coaches and Evaluations. Site has almost all coaches, evaluation dates, fees, fee schedule, chronology

Mountain United FC:
Site has all coaches, evaluation dates, fees, fee schedule, chronology

South Fraser Soccer Club:
Site has most coaches, evaluation dates, fees.

Surrey United:
Site has all coaches, evaluation dates, fees, fee schedule, chronology

Thompson Okanagan:
FAQ, Chronology, tryout dates

Vancouver – Richmond (new name forthcoming):
Click on *High Performance League*.Site has most coaches, evaluation dates, fees.

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15 Responses to BCPL franchise contact info

  1. Canadian Spur says:

    Any idea what level of try out sign-up is happening at the U17 and U18 girls. My daughter is one of only a few from her current U17 Metro team that has indicated any interest in playing HPL. If this is happening at other teams then the U18 girls division will be very weak.

    • X says:

      I’m sorry I can’t answer your question CS but I can tell you that at the U13G level things look “weak”.
      I recently contacted the parent of an elite player whom my daughter has played with and against because I was dissappointed that she didn’t come out to the HPL tryouts….( only dissappointed because we could use her talent, no judgement ) now today he’s emailed me asking if I know of any girls to help fill a Metro team.
      We HPL’ers seem to have thinned out their Metro pool and they who opted to not make the jump to HPL have seriously limited ours. The result…Metero and BCPL teams being essentially equal. ( I base this on knowing the team that our BCPL has put together for the upcoming inaugural season )

      I’d be very interested in hearing what others are seeing at their respective BCPL clubs and Metero clubs as well for that matter.

  2. Gregor says:

    My good friend Doug Schultz (former UBC player, former Kerrisdale TD and current pro coach for the three westside clubs that are about to become one) has just been given the South Fraser U16 boys BCPL team. Congrats to Doug!

  3. K says:

    How is Doug, as a full-time TD for (essentially) 3 clubs able to coach a BCPL team but other TD’s are not? It was said regularly that TD’s won’t have time to be BCPL coaches.

  4. JLarkins says:

    Doug’s not a TD for any of the three westside clubs – Gregor and Steve are. Doug was a great part-time TD for KSC years ago and has been assisting the TDs as a pro coach with assessments and coaching sessions. To bad we won’t see him around the local pitch with the club players now. Cheers to Doug and good luck!

    • Gregor says:

      Doug is now the fourth ‘staff’ coach we’ve lost on the west side to BCPL. Dennis Kindel is running a Metro Ford girls team. Amy Vermeulen is also running a girls team but for MUFC and Andrew Dunn, who was already co-coaching a VFC Metro team, is coaching the VR U18 girls team (was the U17 team but now Marc Rizzardo is taking that one and Andrew’s got the U18’s; not sure if that’s been announced but it’s such a merry-go-round these days I’m losing the will to keep track).

      Hope Doug et all wll still be able to do some work for the newly amalgamated (and soon to be named…I hope) club that was Kerrisdale, Dunbar and Pt. Grey.

  5. Colin Elmes says:

    This is a shame but predicted.

    Abby female BCPL tryout- 6 players
    Island female tryout- a week or so back- 9 players

    The soccer consumer continues to make judgements on the product.

    Hope it improves.

  6. MJ#1 says:

    I just saw that CMF is not fielding a female U17 HPL team at all– that puts a dent in the plans – now a 7 team circuit with byes!

  7. Colin Elmes says:

    the criteria continues too morph……..

    where there is little leadership you call your own shots. Who holds whos feet to what fire?

  8. Soccer Mom says:

    Surrey United is also not fielding a U17 girls team. That leaves a 6 team league assuming all the other clubs get some players. The Lower Mainland soccer representation at the highest level has decreased to 4 teams. Where are all the players? It seems logical that Metro and BCPL are both going to be watered down leagues so why pay $2000+ . As a family we are trying to make sense of this mess and find the appropriate club and level for our daughter.

    • Gregor says:

      I’m also wondering where all the 1995 born girls are going and it’s an interesting case study. At U16 Metro this year there are 11 teams, 9 of which are from the Lower Mainland. Like you say, Surrey Utd aren’t running a U17 BCPL team next season and neither are Metro Ford. Mountain is but Abby, South Fraser and Fusion are all struggling somewhat to get players this age to buy in to it.

      Now they can still play on the U18 team (in case you don’t know, there actually is no U17 division; all franchises are supposed to enter a U18 team that can have U17’s on it and then they have the option of entering a second team in the division that can only have U17’s on it; so far, no clubs are saying they won’t have a U18 girls team)
      but there will be limited spots on those teams as most will in all likelihood be taken by 1994 born players.

      So how does an age group that had nine teams go down to potentially just two or three? If you assume that each U16 Metro team carried 17 players that would be 153 players. Now assume that at BCPL U17 there end up being three pure 1995 born teams and each of the U18 teams in the Lower Mainland has 5 players each. That comes to 81 players.

      Now there’s supposed to be a consolidation of talent so there should be fewer players but that’s close to a 50% reduction at the top tier and, to be honest, I’ll be pleasantly surprised if it ends up being three teams at U17 girls. Two is more likely.

      But, like you, I wonder where all these players are going.

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