VR BCPL info now online

It’s posted on the Richmond Boys club website and there’s no direct link but go here:


and then click on “*HIGH PERFORMANCE LEAGUE* in the thin red banner. All coaches except U17 and U18 boys and girls named plus tryout dates and a link to register for them.

Vancouver FC also have their Metro tryout schedule ready to go but I’m waiting to see if the one  I have is OK to publish or if they’re still tinkering with it.

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38 Responses to VR BCPL info now online

  1. bobloblaw says:

    Why would I register my kid for tryouts when they haven’t named a coach? For that matter they haven’t had the courtesy of replying to my email(s) in regards to this question.
    Poor way to attract players (customers).

  2. Canadian Spur says:

    Any further information on the Metro select rules regarding potentially increasing the out of district player limits or the approval of the league structure (ie # of teams)?

  3. Geoff says:

    All the boys are eagerly awaiting the unveiling of the coaches for both V/R’s U-18 and for South Fraser’s U-18 slots. I wonder if they’ll surprise everyone with some new names.

  4. insider says:

    It is up to the districts at the BC soccer AGM in June to change the out of district rule.
    As it stands now it is 3 from u6-15. Then 5 for U16-U18.
    The league is waiting for a district (and seconder) to amend rule 23 for 5 out of district from u13 to U 18.

    • Gregor says:

      True. Good point.

      • The Kop says:

        A stupid question folks and I am sure the answer is available somewhere but I have just finished a wonderful vacation with the family during Spring Break.
        Can anyone tell me if the league will play during Spring Break please.
        The way I see it is that they will have to or shut the league down for 3 to 4 weeks due to the different time periods in each school district.
        Thanks folks.

      • Gregor says:

        Anyone got the latest periodization chart for BCPL? That would help answer how much of a spring break there would be.

  5. K says:

    ^and about 1 or 2 weeks after the first league games!

  6. JLarkins says:

    Gregor, you were suggesting this may happen but just got four days notice for the first session of the Vancouver FC U13 selects evaluations. Last Friday of a two week spring break – Friday of a local school long weekend. Hope you have great plans for the U13 Gold team ’cause I am not coming home early from vacation and my middle boy will need a place to play. Starting to think it is time to take up rugby.

    • Gregor says:

      I’ve actually asked VFC, today, to let us know who will be coaching these teams, where they will be training and playing and what the cost will be as I think players and parents have a right to know these things before they get their kids hopes up at tryouts.

      VFC just got back to me to say they plan to announce their second tier (MSL) coaches “within 48 hours” and costs shortly thereafter.

      Running tryouts over spring the Vancouver spring break is going to prove problematic for them I think.

      • The Kop says:

        I don’t know which blog to leave this on but info from MUFC U16 next season’s girls team.
        14 Provincial players turned up for last nights tryout including two keepers leaving only two kids from the Lower Mainland from the BC team who didn’t appear.
        So I understand that playing together will benefit the team but now what level of competition with this team face every week for 22 games.
        The word is that the kids were asked to attend the tryout but by MUFC and not the Provincial coach but I am only hearing that 3rd hand.
        I hope the coach has big shoulders as God forbid that they ever lose a game.

      • Gregor says:

        Yeah, that’s Jesse Symon’s team and Jesse is regarded as one of the top coaches around. He will know all those girls and they will certainly know him so it’s not surprising that happened.

      • K says:

        I guess a good question re: these 14 girls is – how many are from the Burnaby-North Shore area…? Yes, I know I could check-up on the BCSA site and see the squad lists and what clubs the girls are from…

        More hypothetical question than anything.

        Can’t see the girls having much competition in league play – BUT, did all the “best” girls tryout for the BC Team?

      • MJ says:

        This is not the first time that Jesse Symons has tried to corral PTP players, he had a team a while ago that had 8 or 9. The pressure to win was overwhelming and the team crumbled in the end. It was all about getting to the Nationals, which they never did.

        Although much has been written about the district restrictions but they did put a drag on this inevitable outcome. Development or recruitment…….

  7. Gregor says:

    Just had a parent tell me that the U15 girls coach, Gene Gallant, has resigned and they are looking for a new coach. Anyone able to add to this?

    • Colin Elmes says:

      Gallant-Heard that as well. Heard he is bound for South Fraser U18 Girls. Jesse Symons- this new league is set up for players to make these kinds of decisions about coaches. Accept this as a product of the opportunity to play for a program you covet not based on geography. If you are paying $2200 for a season, dont blame the consumer for seeking out worthwhile destinations. Now it is up to the competing teams to find coaches who are also of sophistication. Oh I forgot, there aren’t many others……

      • Gregor says:

        Agree. The recruiting is not being done by Jesse per se. It’s being done by MUFC by hiring Jesse as a coach knowing that it will draw players.

      • MJ says:

        The free market idea is fine, but they’ll still need a league to play in.

    • Colin Elmes says:

      Free market. Thats not Jesse Symons problem. So is he supposed to discourage these players for the good of the game? I would say the other Clubs need to find solutions to this. Or accept their shortcomings.

  8. fifa2015 says:

    just heard the Under 16 girls coach at Surrey United just resigned. Her name was tammy vincent.

  9. Colin Elmes says:

    Heard that too. Probably because all the players have gone to Jesse…..

    Maybe even Tammy’s daughter……

    • Stuck in Bridge Traffic says:

      I had heard the parents of the Surrey Revolution team were resistant to their daughters playing where the coach had a daughter on the team so they pressured SUFC to have Tammi step down. I can understand why they would object but as the story has been told to me, the SR had a “coach without child” the past two seasons; 2009-10 was great but this year has been a challenge and as I understand it a parent has had to step in and help coach some recent games. At the least, a parent coach is more likely to stick around to see the season out. I’ve heard the rumours on who the replacement coach will be and if true, I can’t say that the team will be getting a more committed coach or one that prioritizes player development over wins.

      I’m hearing that some potential coaches have been unwilling to commit if key players from their area are all going to swarm to one team across town. Why is this? Is it because that coach values wins more than player development? As a parent, I want my daughter to get a fair share of field time in game where she can be tested as practice time just doesn’t cut it to test a player. If the coach is all about winning and not player development and is going to sit players to get the win, I don’t want her on that team (much less tolerable at $2500 than $500!!).

      I wonder what will happen out in South Fraser (coach with child on team)? Are they getting registrants?

      As to the MUFC situation… there is something rotten there. Is what they’re doing within the spirit and intent of what the BCPL was created for? Next year’s U16 Girl’s BCPL will be like this years U15 Girls Metro – the top couple of teams beating up the bottom handful. There will be some close games but as to parity and testing & developing skills on the field, those games against MUFC and CMF will be all about getting out of your own end – should make for some strong defensive skills.

      Is all this worth $2500 a year?

    • Rasta says:

      That is too funny!!!

  10. fifa2015 says:

    also heard some of the franchises are struggling for numbers at tryouts.
    Does gregor or colin have any updates on numbers for each age group. How do you run productive tryouts with 15-25 players at tryouts. Where are all the metro players going?

    • Gregor says:

      It seems to be all over the shop really. I’m hesitant to put any numbers up here because I’ve only been to one BCPL evaluation so the rest of what I know is really just what I’ve heard second and third hand. Getting more hesitant to fuel the fires doubt and apprehension about this whole thing…

  11. Colin Elmes says:

    The soccer consumer has already sussed out the situation in a lot of these scenarios. Cost vs perceived quality already under the microscope. Having a choice actually has this type of impact.

  12. X says:

    is this initial season for BCPL going to largely be a wash with the “elite” talent being essentially split in two? ( at least )

    My child has made a BCPL team but the overall talent is not close to what I expected. I am enthused with the new coach but it seems that BCPL cannot be pointed to as the “elite” right now by any means.

  13. G. Gordon Liddy says:

    Fifa2015 pointed out the low numbers at tryouts… I know that my son’s coach was actually phoning parents to encourage them to not go to HPL tryouts as he was going to be coaching the MSL team next year and it would be (according to him) every bit as good as HPL, so parents shouldn’t waste their money. I personally think this is pretty despicable, as it doesn’t support the purpose of providing a high level vehicle for players to develop among their skill peers. It sounds like he is just in it for the wins.

    • Colin Elmes says:

      Yes. Lots of that going on. It is, in the end , about choice. If a players HPL choice in their region has not been seen to provide the perceived increase in standard vs cost then it is a parent/players choice to not participate. Saying that these players MUST be involved in this and that the next tier is keeping their attention “for wins” is not a completely accurate observation. Players should not be “punished” for such decisions.

  14. singh says:

    I have just come onto this blog and find it totally offensive someone would blame select players for not attending HPL tryouts. Our select announced the tryouts to all of the families and the overwhelming majority were quite satisfied we were already basically participating in an HPL type of program.
    My daughter will be playing metro for an excellent select coach someone who could easily coach HPL but was not part of any clique. What would have assisted the HPL inaguration was for BC Soccer to oversee all of the coaching appointments and appoint them to the various franchises. What has occurred now, is many of these franchises are contradicting their very own bid applications and the public has responded with their disappointment. I thought this league was supposed to be governed by BC Soccer, its directors and technical committee, so that in the first year every franchise had the same level of coaching credentials, franchise standards, and level of player interest.
    What we have now is stacked teams at each age, and it is simply not the fault of the public. Why have certain franchises not reached out to the best coaches and simply appointed their own club coaches and or in circumstances coaches for the sake of recruiting an entire exisitng metro team. Who is going to make these franchises accountable for being self serving to recruit players for opportunistic reasons, which is an incredible diservice to the paying public and most importantly the principles which HPL were to stand for?

    So in the end, blaming the public for having some hestitation for an idea only serving present provincial players and not the other 70% of rep players is pointing the finger in the wrong direction. If BC Soccer had advertised for the positions and distributed them evenly across all franchises in the lower mainland and then overseen this initial year with much more focus and concern, then I think the public would have replied much differently. What you have know is a league charging extreme fees for club coaches, no appearance from BC Soccer at tryouts, and I must say an arrogance amongst the clubs that the best players will “either be marketed to come or forced to attend” based on the dream of playing provincial or national teams.

    Somehow, somewhere amongst the committee’s jubilation someone with more business common sense and a pulse on the public sentiment was surely lacking.
    Leaving it to the franchises to govern themselves, is certainly a recipe for disaster.

    • Gregor says:

      Lots of good points. More and more people I talk to are wondering what BCSA’s role in governance of BCPL actually is and if they’re doing it.

      • K says:

        Well, I’d guess if BCSA doesn’t stay involved EA Sports would pull out. Then again, I haven’t seen it published anywhere what benefit EA Sports is actually giving the league…

    • Colin Elmes says:


  15. Colin Elmes says:

    Has anyone seen a single person form the BCSA Tech Dept out at these assessments? Anyone? I have raised this with people on the BCPL committee and was told that they are busy with their Provincial teams……

  16. Rasta says:

    BC Soccer???

    Don’t get me started.

  17. APL says:

    Almost 40 players out at UBC for U16 trials last night. Good quality of players with cross section of club representation.

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