Mountain United (MUFC) website now up

Thanks to Phil for pointing out that MUFC has a website up. They have coach info, evaluation schedules and, interestingly, their new Board of Directors also listed on the site.

Click here to have a look

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40 Responses to Mountain United (MUFC) website now up

  1. Phil Hernandez says:

    That’s actually an interim board.

  2. Banjo-man says:

    So far I see the comparison of costs like this:
    Mountain $2200 + 700 mini season = $2900
    South Fr $1585 + $1075 mini season = $2660
    Coq MF $1800 + $600 mini season = $2400
    Surrey U $2150 incl mini season = $2150
    Wonder if any of the EA Sports naming rights money gets kicked back to the clubs now or does each kid just get a free FIFA 2011 game? 😦

    • Bruce says:

      If we assume a total of 55 weeks (15 pre-season + 40 2012 season) we end up with the following for Mountain:

      Cost/Session = $2900 / (55 weeks * 4 session/week) = approx. $13.20/session
      Cost/hour = $13.20 / 1.5 hours/session = $8.80/hr.

  3. K says:

    Will only refer to them as MounYoo from now on…..coming from a Man United fan. 🙂

  4. m says:

    hey bruce… correct me if im wrong but isnt there only 52 weeks in a yr?
    how do you get 55 weeks for a program… wouldnt that over lap the next season?

    • rose says:

      If you actually read Bruce’s post, he clearly adds a 15 week pre-season to 40 weeks. That’s the mini-season plus the 2012 season minus the built-in breaks. Grade 5/6 math…

    • Phil Hernandez says:

      He’s counting this season’s mini-season.

  5. DW says:

    And so it begins…

    Ruben Castelblanco, having agreed to coach at MUFC, has apparently reneged on that commitment to accept a position with the (presumably much higher paying) VR club. I guess club-shopping is not restricted to players/parents.

    • Gregor says:

      had been told one of the mufc coaches was defecting but not which one…

    • MT says:

      [GY]Haven’t had to do this before but I’m going to edit this comment a bit and send a general reminder that the comments on BCPL have been excellent and it’s been a great forum for discussion of which I am more a custodian than anything else but I want to keep away from personal comments. I’m all for holding franchises and other entities accountable but going after individuals. not so much…

      Let’s not be too hypercritical of Ruben for leaving Mountain United for more money. I’ve learned that Steve Hood has taken his position as the U13 Boys Head Coach for Mountain United.
      Now…talk about coaches who *******!
      Isn’t Steve the North Shore Soccer Development Program Director who make $***+ as a full-time job.
      I guess he has more time available than you think considering he now has two more paid positions. ie) Mountain FC Super Y Coach and Mountain United Coach starting in September.
      Even more unbelievable, didn’t Steve just recently open up his own Business called “Europa Soccer Academy” out of Richmond and Burnaby.
      Perhaps we shouldn’t be so critical of Ruben considering Steve’s extensive financial situation at this time.

  6. DW says:

    Well his name is no longer on the website so the evidence as well as the hearsay certainly points to him.

  7. K says:

    Not sure why this is significant guys? Not many coaches around these parts are irreplaceable. Fair to him also….there are a million possible reasons.

    • Phil Hernandez says:

      It may not be ‘significant’ but there is a certain amount of professionalism at stake. That said, its best that it happened before the start of the season. Not to mention that a coach who is forced to stay is not going to be a very positive experience for the kids.

  8. m says:

    what is the going rate for coaches at each club?
    are they being paid the same across the board at any given club or are some paid higher to due certification and experience?
    Is it important for clubs to post this kind of info?
    anyone got the inside scoop?

    • Gregor says:

      The low end hasn’t really been established yet but some clubs are in the $8K range and VR, at the high end by far, will likely be double that.

  9. Gregor says:

    Off topic (and not worth starting a separate thread for) but I caught the second half of Inter v Bayern’s second league Champions League game. Cannot understand why, once again, professional analysts on TV cannot see that the real goat on Pandev’s winning goal is not Breno (for losing a 1v1 tussle in the box with Eto’o) but rather Schweinsteiger who was not willing to track Pandev’s run into the box. When you see the replay from high and behind the play, you see them level and an obvious space for Pandev’s run and Bastien S. just isn’t willing to do the work to prevent Pandev’s relatively simple finish to win the game.

    Also have no idea why Schweinsteiger didn’t commit to blocking Sneidjer’s shot for Inter’s second goal. It’s not like he had to lunge and was concerned about deflecting it into his own goal. He clearly had the ability to fully block that shot and reacted like an eight year old in the rain on a gravel field.

    Here’s the video. Don’t know how long it’ll last on YouTube though. The angle starting around 54 seconds is the smoking gun that convicts Schweinsteiger in my books:

  10. K says:

    Poor quality video – I wonder if Schweinsteiger was aware Pandev was ghosting behind him?

    Of course Pandev was and Bastian should have assumed it…but I wonder….

  11. K says:

    Yes, I know…hence I wrote “Bastian should have assumed it” (aka, been aware).

  12. Colin Elmes says:

    Coaching- with all the current Club TDs with experience and certification now avoiding any direct on field coaching in this new league, know wonder we are fighting over “Ruben”. Question- has anyone one seen any technical representation from the BCSA or from the HPL Committee at any of the assessments so far keeping an eye on how this is rolling out? My guess………

    • Phil Hernandez says:

      co∙lin: adj /ˈkɒl.lən//ˈkɑː.lən/ a [U]
      1. hyperbolic; excessive to the point of obfuscating the main theme or issue; as in, “His colin description of Sunday’s match left his readers trying to remember which teams had played and what the final result had been.”
      2. Pointed; critical; as in, “His mother made a few colin remarks about his taste in clothes.”

      Nobody is “fighting” over Ruben, lol! And if by “on-field coaching” you mean being the head coach of a specific team, then no, our TD won’t be. But that is quite a ways from saying he(they) will not be on-field observing, interacting with coaches and players and parents during training and games – a tactic you yourself employ when not running a session. And I would hazard a guess it serves your organization well.

      As to the league coming out to assessments, can’t say.


      • Gregor says:

        I would just like to point out that Mike Findlay did not come to our Pt. Grey U11 Boys Gold evaluation session last night but Charlie Cuzzetto did indeed come to our amalgamation vote also held last night.

        That’s an awkward segue into the announcement that Pt. Grey, Kerrisdale and Dunbar have voted to amalgamate. This may make it the largest club in western Canada.

        Congratulations to all the Board Members at all three clubs and to the members of the Harmonization Committee who did most of the grunt work to get this done.

      • Colin Elmes says:

        Thats too funny.

        What do you call a person with no legs and no arms in a hole?

        Whilst I am improving my organisation in the way you described I am ALSO coaching teams directly. 2 in fact this spring summer.

        And I am pretty certain there has been no BCSA presence at any one of the current assessments.

      • Coachrich says:

        Great news Gregor and it’s been long overdue in all of Vancouver as 11 clubs doesn’t benefit development or admin of the sport.

        I understand the East side clubs have been planning the same now. VGSC has voted to merge with Grandview as the 1st step.

        All this will be good

  13. Colin Elmes says:

    MUFC- need some clarification here.

    U18- going to play Sept to July? Is this just this season(1994 born)?

    So how does this work? If I am a 1995, I play U17 this season- which ultimately is Mar to Nov 2012. But I am supposed to play U18 starting in Sept 2012???

    What the…….?

    • Phil Hernandez says:

      Our position is that the league will cease to offer a U18 level within the BCPL after this season. While that may not have risen yet to the status of being official, it is the position we hear is also being taken by other clubs. Therefore, this cross-calendar U18 season will be the first and only time it is offered.

      Assuming our position to be correct, the 94s would play from this fall through to next July and then exit the PL. The 95s will play from Sept 2011 thru Nov 2012 and then exit the BCPL. Before you ask, yes we are discussing exit strategies for the 2012 U17 players (and all subsequent U17s). We will have a plan in place not only to assist players in transitioning to other leagues but also to ensure that there are opportunities for identification by post-PL organizations including universities, colleges, and (semi-)professional teams especially those players who do not garner positions on provincial teams. A more immediate concern is the 94s – since their winter downtime coincides with what appears to be the usual extra-league player identification activities, we need to move fast to make sure they are not overlooked. We will call upon the resources we have within the club to ensure this happens.


      • Colin Elmes says:

        Thanks Phil. You are thriving in your insider position.

        Based on this, we can all plan accordingly. In advance of this being formalised, I would like to thank all the current and future grade 12’s for their dedication to youth soccer in the Province. Sorry that you are about to be abandoned into the senior soccer wilderness. Good luck….

      • Joe says:

        So after paying $18 grand in soccer fee’s over six years ,
        You get the kiss-off ?

  14. Colin Elmes says:

    Sorry Phil, one more thing.

    You realise your assessments are being held while 3/4 of the lower mainland are still on Spring Break?

    • Phil Hernandez says:

      I guess this depends on your point of view. While it is true that some school districts’ spring break coincides with our tryout period, the fact is that:

      Burnaby (March 21-25)
      New Westminster (March 21-25)
      North & West Vancouver (March 14 – 25)
      Squamish-Whistler-Pemberton (March 21-25)

      which are the districts from where we expect to draw 90% of our registrants, have spring breaks that do not overlap and was the rationale behind picking March 28-April 8 as tryout dates.


      • Colin Elmes says:

        I understand your point. It still potentially cuts off part of your audience however. Good luck

      • Larry says:

        “Traditionally” have drawn 90% of registrants. With the OOD rule gone from BCSPL it’s a new world and anything can happen now.

      • Phil Hernandez says:

        Its true that the lack of Rule 23 at the PL level means a possible influx of players from out of district. I wouldn’t count on it though. My guess is that most clubs will stay pretty close to their current Rule 23-bound demographic. Individual teams may make a move en masse but those cases will probably balance out over the long run.


  15. K says:

    Gregor – re: the amalgamation. That sounds very exciting. Are you able to offer any of the details of the merger or is there a web page???


    • The Kop says:

      Kerrisdale has updated it’s website today to announce the merger with further details forthcoming over the next two weeks.
      DFC,PGFC and KFC all have extensive details of the proposal on their own individual websites.
      After an initial bout of mayhem I think this will be a very good thing for the youth of the three clubs.

  16. RR says:

    Interesting to read about the merger of the Vancouver clubs on the west side. I could see the impetus for moving forward in that direction from the Pt Grey and Kerrisdale side — but what benefit, if any, will there be for the Dunbar club? Are they that desperate for turf time?

  17. Coachrich says:

    I was going through the new bylaws and etc for the new west side club and there are some items that jump out at me. Mainly, that they are considering not to give paying members a vote. I find that hard to believe that someone would even want to go there with all the goings on with the CSA and the Alberta Court of Appeals. Basically every member has a right to vote and go to court without some bylaw saying otherwise.

    The West Side considered bylaw change is –
    “A change to the definition of a “Voting Member” in the By-laws is under consideration. This change would permit only coaches, managers, adult players and volunteers to be voting members. Under this definition we estimate that there would be in the order of 1500 members, the vast majority of which would be parents and all would be actively participating in the new club. If we retained the current criteria enabling all parents to vote, the membership would be increased to around 8000 which would be quite unwieldy.”

  18. pheuty says:

    Ok… so I’m hearing that large numbers of provincial players are choosing to play on the same BCPL team. It seems that MUFC seems to be the club of choice for provincial players.

    I don’t know exact numbers but I have been hearing things like apx. a dozen or so provincial players on the U14 Girls team. Maybe ten or so on the U16 Boys team.

    I know that the BCPL allows for players to go anywhere to play… and in theory that sounds good… but if all of the ‘best’ players, and I say that euphemistically, congregate on one team – doesn’t that defeat the purpose of the new league?

    If there is one team ‘stacked’ compared to all of the other teams in the BCPL what is gained? How is that good for player development of the ‘best’ players and those left on the other BCPL teams?

    I’d love to hear what others thing about this?

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