Domenic Mobilio memorial game today

Had the privilege to play in the 5th annual Domenic Mobilio Memorial game on the field that bears his name at Town Centre Park in Coquitlam. I played with Domo on the 86ers back in the early 90’s. Still a shock to think how young he was when a massive heart attack took his life while driving home from a game.

Domo was TD of Coquitlam City Soccer Club (now merged with Metro-Ford as Coquitlam Metro-Ford) when he died and each year they remember him with a game during the Metro Ford season ending jamboree (which in itself was very impressive). Past teammates and friends join in the event organized by Alfredo Valente (Domo’s nephew and current CMF Head Coach) and Domo’s brother Tony. It’s a who’s who of excellent Lower Mainland soccer talent and at one point I realized that Dale Mitchell, Oliver Heald, Tony Fonseca, Phoebe Trotman, Steve Kindel, Alfredo Valente, Sara Maglio, Jason Jordan and Martin Nash and several other very good players were all on the same field at the same time and it was a very impressive testament to Domenic that five years after his death so many people still actively involved in the game at a very busy time of the season still took the time out to have a laugh and kick a ball around.

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One Response to Domenic Mobilio memorial game today

  1. K says:

    This is a wonderful tribute to a great man, Canadian, and soccer-guy. Thank you for promoting it, GY. I am sad to say the closest I ever came to Mobilio was watching him at Swangard.

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