Carling Cup Final winning goal; lack of class from Ferguson

UPDATE: Jack Wilshire mentioned the head slap on his Twitter but Soccernet have indicated they think it was Barry Ferguson.

Watch the post-goal celebration closely. At 16 seconds into the video, Birmingham #23, Jean Beausejour, Duncan Ferguson gives the Arsenal defender, Laurent Koscielny, a hard shove to the back of the head while he’s on his knees just after he’s heavily contributed to the bungle that was Birmingham’s winning goal in the 89th minute.

Can’t remember the last time I saw such an incredible lack of class on the field.

Hard to expect much more from a team that boasts both Barry Ferguson and Lee Bowyer in their starting lineup.

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13 Responses to Carling Cup Final winning goal; lack of class from Ferguson

  1. Canadian Spur says:

    I pointed this out to my daughter as we were watching the match. Perfect example of total lack of class and how not to behave!

  2. K says:

    I saw this and at first thought “what the h-e…” but I wonder if it was one of those British “pat on the head, buck up, and get on with it” things….although I doubt it …

    I was actually more p’d off by Ferguson whacking the ball away near the end in a throw-in situation. Wilshere agreed with me. Regardless…I am thrilled for Brum because I can’t stand Arsenal! How can they beat Barca and then draw-lose with LO and Brum!

  3. Fred Cutler says:

    And Beausejour plays for what country?
    I’m not going to be allowed into Chile after my comments on this blog.

    Y’all should have saved yourselves the trouble and watched West Ham comprehensively outplay Liverpool instead. The joy of the season so far!

  4. K says:

    I watched both games!!! West Ham was awesome. Liverpool though clearly haven’t yet learned how to defend from Andy Carroll turning, and lifting his head to see Lucas backing off him and then smashing it bottom corner from 30 yards across Reina’s goal….

  5. Jerry K. says:

    Have a look at this YouTube vid and cross reference player location with the pic from Soccernet, it looks like it was Ferguson, he’s just in front of Beausejour as they run by

  6. K says:

    Sorry guys, but Ferguson runs by first and is closer to Martins. It was Beausejour. Watch the video more carefully and ignore the ESPN pic. They aren’t relevant to each other in this incident. Beausejour’s hand is dragging behind him after smacking Koscielny. You can see it if you pause it at :31 and :32. Bowyer is running by Beausejour with hand up at the same time. Ferguson is already gone.

  7. K says:

    I’ve been proven wrong. Thanks, Gregor. I actually googled for still photos just this morning but only found the video I linked.

    In my defense, Beausejour also “patted him on the back”

    No surprise it was Ferguson! Wonder if it was meant to be an insult or not though…

    • Canadian Spur says:

      I initally thought the act was a sarcastic “thanks for gifting us a goal”!

      • K says:

        That’s what I thought too, CS. No response from Brum players, but I’d hardly believe anything they say at this point anyway – all PR.

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