Improving as coaches via coaching co-operatives

Been mulling something along the lines of continuing education for both volunteer and professional coaches (separate tracks) in the Vancouver area for some time now. Now I read this morning on Richard’s BCSoccerWeb that the Lower Island has taken the first step towards that.

It’s a very good idea and I congratulate Andrew Latham on getting it started and wish him well in the execution.

The LISA model is aimed at anyone coaching at the youth level. What I’ve been thinking about, and strangely just talked to Colin Elmes about briefly yesterday for the first time, is more aimed at professional coaches first and then, once that’s established, to incorporate volunteer coaches after that.

I know some very good coaches and I know people who really want to be excellent coaches but it’s a relatively small community and we work in isolation from each other when clearly we could all learn from each other to round out aspects of our coaching that need improvement.

At the moment, all there is for coaches are the standard Community Coach courses that lead to the B License courses and finally the A License. It’s not enough. And while I’ve sent token emails to both BCSA and the CSA encouraging them to put more coach education programs together, it’s becoming apparent that we, as coaches, may be our own best resources for furthering our knowledge.

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9 Responses to Improving as coaches via coaching co-operatives

  1. K says:

    Been suggesting this for ages. Webinars might be a way to expand this due to geographical and time constraints. Not to mention various cooperative online tools beyond webinars.

    • Phil Hernandez says:

      How would you develop the content? I.e. would you be looking to bring in people from established programs (e.g. like a Bora Milatinovic) to help you with this?

  2. Colin Elmes says:

    I am in. Who’s bringing the oranges for half time?

    • Rich says:

      Would love to be a part of this, if invited.

      Was going to post with regard to the LISA initiative yesterday. Potentially a great way forward for the coaching fraternity.

      Interestingly enough, I hear through the grapevine that the present CSA/BCSA coach education structure is under review and is to be restructured.

      • Canadian Spur says:


        What you heard about the coach education/certification being changed is apparently true. This was mentioned by Luca de la Pace at a recent LTPD presentation that he gave. Not sure that whatever they introduce will really add that much to what we have currently.

        Although I don’t come close to qualifying a a “professional” coach I would welcome any opportunity/resource that give me an opportunity to improve what I bring to the kids.

    • setup says:

      How about bananas instead.. remember Pateadores Cup victory for TSS

  3. K says:

    It’s my understanding Bolton Wanderers will be putting on a coaching clinic in the Eastern Fraser Valley/Abby in mid-May. Apologies but I don’t have much more specific details than that. Mariners FC are partners with BWFC so I’d suggest contacting them as anything else by me would be speculation.

  4. K says:

    Well, maybe the sign of some change. Didn’t check roster. Colin….maybe knows. Just 1 BC kid I think? Good number of Caps though, I guess.

    Very pleased for these guys!

  5. Colin Elmes says:

    We were joking today that maybe BC players need to continue steering clear of these teams….. 😉

    Good for Sean Fleming. It must have been all that midnight reading of the HPL proposals . 😉

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