Another (partial) HPL application: going up this morning

I’ve had another group contact me and ask me to put up part of their application. I’m going to read through it this morning and then post it. Here is part of the email that accompanied it:

“Here is some data we compiled for our RFP bid. Could you start a new thread and publish the charts.

I think there is some misconception regarding the strength of our bid.  I think this data speaks for itself.”

This comes hot on the heels of an email all the groups received yesterday from BCSA that said,

As per the previously communicated possibility that the HPL Selection Panel may exercise its option to invite proponents for an additional presentation session on Sunday, February 13th, I am pleased to confirm that the Panel has deemed it unnecessary to invite any of the proponents in for such a session in light of the overall quality and comprehensive detail provided within all applications received.

We are now looking forward to confirming the eight successful franchise applicants via a press release on Thursday, February 17th. This will be followed-up by individual outreach to each of the proponents to outline next steps, where applicable, and provide all 11 applicants with feedback on their applications. Please note that there will be no actual press conference held on February 17th.

So nobody is going to be able to get in front of the panel and plead their case. For me that favours the favourites. It says that none of the proponents either damaged their bid with a weak application or piqued the interest enough to warrant a closer look.

Not surprisingly some bright light had a word with those organizing the process at this stage and pointed out that calling all the proponents together for the announcement, with media in attendance, was probably asking for trouble. Not that there would have been fisticuffs but there’s going to be anger and why bring that anger into a room with all the successful, high fiving proponents, BCSA reps, Whitecaps reps and assembled media? Makes no sense and even BP’s Gulf Oil Spill PR team would’ve figured that out.

All right, kids are off to school. Got some reading to do. Back later.

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4 Responses to Another (partial) HPL application: going up this morning

  1. Colin Elmes says:


  2. Gregor says:

    don’t get too excited. just going through it and it’s really just data supporting the point that they’d be competitive with any other franchise. up soon.

  3. Colin Elmes says:

    good money on Sportstown FC not even part of the comparison by said entity.

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