Attacking corner kick

While you’re here for your HPL fix I might as well offer up another corner kick. We mix this one in every now and then to unsettle defenders. Works well against teams that mark a fairly strict ‘man to man’ on corners.

1. Player 1 takes the corner. The signal is either a shout from the coach  or the player taking the corner puts her hands on her hips (or something along those lines). If I’ve called for the corner, the girl taking the corner still puts her hands on her hips to indicate she’s ready and the various runs should start.

Runs are dotted red lines. The path of the ball is solid blue.

2. Player #2 is critical. She makes a hard run straight forward that looks like she’s going just inside the near post then makes a sharp cut towards the ball. Player 1 plays a very firm pass along the ground to #2 who ensures she gets in front of anyone marking at the near post and one touches the ball back towards the top of the box and not too wide. If they have left a defender close to the edge of the six yard box this corner will not work because #2 will have to go too far towards the corner taker to get a touch and this will skew the angle of delivery back for the shot. Soften this space up by demonstrating, with earlier corners, that you can bypass this area and hit mid-goal. If you can’t do that, the team is smart to plant someone here and you’ll just have to try something else.

3. Player 3 has the biggest sell job to do. She is there because if we don’t put someone there they may fill that space (marking zonal) a little deeper to the goal. We want her to be marked and we then need her to engage the defender (give her a little shove as if she’s trying to get away from her to ensure the defender takes her seriously and tracks her). She makes a hard run, yelling for the ball, to the far post. This should drag the defender with her and open up this space.

4. Player 4 is all about timing and finishing. She hovers near the top of the box at the far post and times her run so that when 3 pulls to the far post and the other player (not numbered) also pulls towards the goal, she follows on their heels, hopefully creating a bit of a pick and timing her arrival into the space 3 left as the ball from 2 arrives back to her for a first time strike at goal. She is represented in red as #5 to show where we hope to get our shot on goal from.

Fairly technical but a good one for younger divisional teams that struggle to deliver balls mid-goal off corners (ie. U13 and even U14 and U15 lower levels).

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