Unspun:Men’s national team roster v Greece

Here’s the roster. Aidan Cann was just slotted in to replace the injured Kevin McKenna.
1- GK- Lars Hirschfeld | NOR / Vålerenga Fotball
2- D- Jaime Peters | ENG / Ipswich Town FC
3- M- Marcel de Jong | GER / FC Augsburg
4- D- Dejan Jakovic | USA / DC United
5- CB- Adrian Cann | CAN / Toronto FC
6- M- Nik Ledgerwood | GER / SV Wehen Wiesbaden
7- M- Pedro Pacheco | POR / CD Santa Clara
8- M- Will Johnson | USA / Real Salt Lake
9- F- Rob Friend | GER / Hertha BSC
10- F- Simeon Jackson | ENG / Norwich City FC
11- D- David Edgar | ENG / Burnley FC
12- D- Adam Straith | GER / FC Energie Cottbus
13- M- Atiba Hutchinson | NED / PSV Eindhoven
14- M- Dwayne De Rosario | CAN / Toronto FC
15- M- Josh Simpson | TUR / Vestel Manisaspor
16- M- Tosaint Ricketts | FC Politehnica Timiþoara
17- F- Olivier Occean | GER / Kickers Offenbach
22- GK- Milan Borjan | SRB / FK Rad

  • 18 players. Only five defenders and three strikers.
  • Five playing in Germany but none in Bundesliga
  • Only one player (Hutchinson) playing in a recognized top flight league (Dutch Eridivisie)

Borjan, Milan | 1987 | Hamilton, ON, CAN |
Cann, Adrian | 1980 | Thornhill, ON, CAN |
de Jong, Marcel | 1986 | Toronto, ON, CAN |
De Rosario, Dwayne | 1978 | Scarborough, ON, CAN |
Edgar, David | 1987 | Kitchener, ON, CAN |
Friend, Rob | 1981 | Kelowna, BC, CAN |
Hirschfeld, Lars | 1978 | Edmonton, AB, CAN |
Hutchinson, Atiba | 1983 | Brampton, ON, CAN |
Jackson, Simeon | 1987 | Mississauga, ON, CAN |
Jakovic, Dejan | 1985 | Etobicoke, ON, CAN |
Johnson, Will | 1987 | Toronto, ON, CAN|
Ledgerwood, Nik | 1985 | Lethbridge, AB, CAN |
Occean, Olivier | 1981 | Brossard, QC, CAN |
Pacheco, Pedro | 1984 | Toronto, ON, CAN |
Peters, Jaime | 1987 | Pickering, ON, CAN |
Ricketts, Tosaint | 1987 | Edmonton, AB, CAN |
Simpson, Josh | 1983 | Victoria, BC, CAN |
Straith, Adam | 1990 | Victoria, BC, CAN | Bays United SC

  • 11 from Ontario, 3 from Alberta, 3 from BC, 1 from Quebec
  • No players from the Vancouver area (2 Victoria, 1 Kelowna)

Head of Delegation / Chef de délégation : George Athanasiou
Head Coach / Entraîneur-chef : Stephen Hart
Assistant Coach / Entraîneur adjoint : Tony Fonseca
Goalkeer Coach / Entraîneur des gardiens : Paul Dolan
Video Coordinator / Vidéaste : Victor Mendes
Team Manager / Gérant d’équipe : Morgan Quarry
Equipment Manager / Gérant de l’équipement : Burns Jennings
Doctor / Docteur : Dr. John Philpott
Physiotherapist / Physiothérapeute : Ted Tilbury
Physiotherapist / Physiothérapeute : Dave Foley

  • 10 staff. For a one off exhibition game in Larissa, Greece.
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9 Responses to Unspun:Men’s national team roster v Greece

  1. K says:

    Not very inspiring is it? I realize a lot of these guys are not going to be involved in WCQ. But still…

    Our GK situation is embarrassing considering our history in that position. Jaime Peters and Adam Straith appeared to have the right back slot locked down not that Diesel is retiring from Nats….but they aren’t playing lately. Jakovic and McKenna are good, but McKenna is hurt and Cann is “off-season”. De Jong will give lots of quality on the left back role though.
    The MF looks OK with Johnson (off season), DeRo (off season!), Hutch, and Simpson, except we’ll play a 4-3-3 or 4-5-1 so who knows there….and our hottest striker on the roster is in 3rd division Germany!
    Very interested to see how Milan Borjan (the anti Begovic in every sense) and Pacheco do.

    I wonder if we’ll see both Attakora and Cann added from Turkey.

    Any takers on Hoilett choosing Canada? Jon De Guzman apparently withdrew his Canadian citizenship so that’s a done deal barring a change in the future. A real shame we lost Nsaliwa to german citizenry!

    Not too bright at the moment as our u20 and u17 teams are not fairing well lately.

  2. Colin Elmes says:

    Once again this will be a huge mountain to climb( W Cup Qualification). I hope we get into the final 6 in Concacaf this intake. Good luck to S Hart and his staff.

  3. Larry says:

    The Women’s National Team has been climbing a small piece of that mountain over the last year, now it looks like Morace wants to leave after the World Cup in July, out of frustration with the CSA.

    Article in Province newspaper today.

    • Gregor says:

      I tweeted Marc Weber after reading that about a story I’d heard from someone very close to the CSA that Morace had wanted to take the whole team to Italy in early 2011 (ie. now) and use it as a base for preparations right through the World Cup. That’s expensive and I’d guess the CSA probably balked at it. Lots of friction points between her and the CSA though so it’s not too surprising she’s saying she’s done after the World Cup.

  4. K says:

    It’s gotta be more than just the Italy issue. They could have done prep in Canada or USA.

    The qualification rounds are changing now, CE. I am not sure if it’s a final 6 or not anymore. I believe it will be 4 final groups with the winner of each going through…? I am likely wrong, but I am fairly certain the final 6 is gone though. They have added 2 group stages.

  5. Phil Hernandez says:

    Current proposed qualification format is as follows:

    In May 2010, the CONCACAF Executive Committee announced a proposed change in its qualifying format for the 2014 World Cup, which would start with a preliminary knockout stage followed by three group phases.[1]

    Preliminary round (if needed) to trim the number of teams to 32.
    8 groups of 4 teams. Top two in each group through to the next round.
    4 groups of 4 teams. Top two in each group through to the next round.
    2 groups of 4 teams. If CONCACAF will have 3.5 spots, the winners of the groups will qualify directly to the World Cup, while the second placed teams will play-off against each other first, and the winner will qualify, while the loser may play-off a team from another confederation in November 2013. If CONCACAF’s allocation is increased to 4 direct spots, the top two teams in each group will qualify for the World Cup.

  6. K says:

    Thanks Phil.

  7. Colin Elmes says:

    So 8 in final stage of Concacaf. Hope is there but lots of work to do

  8. K says:

    Couple more injuries defensively and so Diesel has been brought in. Maybe TFC wouldn’t allow Nana to go??

    I predict Canada 1-3 Greece. That being said…we managed a draw v. Urkaine.

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