HPL: What would your criteria be?

We all know the rules have already been written and with the applications being submitted today, there are probably some groups madly looking for ways to play up their strengths while downplaying their weaknesses in terms of the criteria they’ve been given. From what I’ve heard the quality of the applications varies drastically.

Here’s the question though? If you could have been the one to set what the criteria for an HPL franchise should be, what would they be? Would you stick with ‘cradle to grave’, ‘covering the geography’, ‘futsal component’, etc. or are there are other more important considerations that you think should form the basis of whether an entity gets an HPL franchise or not?

Fire away in the comments…

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7 Responses to HPL: What would your criteria be?

  1. m says:

    I would like to see game day opperations improved… the days where you showed up to some random field with no changerooms, washrooms, poor surface etc are out.
    Lets make people want to attend games and have players get excited about being at the game as they are treated like professionals.
    The PCSL is a prefect example of this… there are standards but not everyone follows them. If you go over to Victoria you play in a stadium with top class introductions, changerooms, seating etc while you go play Vancouver FC and you play at the point grey turf which has no changerooms, washrooms etc etc. Others fall closely behind Victoria and others sit in the same pool as Vancouver. All im saying is changing on the side of the field is unexceptable for this level.
    This is what really needs to be cleaned up in the game across the board.
    i know others will come on here and say this is minor but really if this is the finish line everything leading up to the finish line will be top class as well as you dont want to put on a bad show when you reach that line.
    We all know teams will be fairly well prepared, coached (if they can afford the best) so lets make the game day something to be excited about!

  2. Fred Cutler says:

    Willingness to build a club culture that emphasizes
    1) Creativity. On the field and in coaching approaches.
    2) Kids playing in the park and on the beach, in all seasons (especially the nice ones), with cones or hoodies for goals, multiple ages on the field at once, experienced parents joining in. I mean this criterion to be about developing players not just ‘having fun’.
    3) Minimizing driving. Maximizing kids being able to bike and take public transit to training. That means one thing: Spring and Summer when it ain’t dark.

    Canada will not move up the world rankings with more structured programs for elite players unless cultural change accompanies those programs.

  3. K says:

    I realize HPL is a youth league. But for me, all the applicants will be equal or close to re: youth programming, I’d think? I’d hope! The difference maker for me will be how they address a major issue in Canadian (and American) soccer….

    …the 16-23 year olds. They have nowhere to play and registration drops way off. Not only that but ability to compete on the world stage at starting even age 14-15 drops way off. For me, what has to be given very serious consideration in the bids is a programs ability to offer quality young adult and senior programming for both sexes. IE, So a 15 year old is excelling. Moving him to u18 the following year really isn’t going to push them all that far. Why not put him in some first team PCSL Premier games etc. That’d push him/her. Assuming mentally and physically they are capable.

    I would be looking very closely at the adult programs a bid has to offer. Super 20, PCSL Prem and u21, VMSL/FVSL/WMSL and PDL.

    Beyond that, does the HPL bid have any association with universities? What about professional links/tours/access to coaching from oversea’s? Can a club provide these kids with exposure to something other than Whitecaps USSDA. All due respect to Whitecaps but they might see a player different than does FC Copenhagen (to reference your Denmark post!), or Thompson Rivers University, or even University of Notre Dame etc in the US.

    The #1 for me from a youth perspective will be coaching staff as far as HPL bids go. After all, shouldn’t matter if you are on a grass patch or have 15 or 150 players at tryouts. If the coach can’t teach, then the program falls apart and no one achieves scholarships etc.

  4. Rich says:

    1. Organization. Both administration and technical organization must be top notch. It starts from the top. A Board of Directors with insight, vision, passion and dedication. People who have all ready or are committed to developing a culture of excellance. A TD that can work on the ground to establish the vision and the culture.

    2. Coaching staff. A group of likeminded educated, experienced and passionate coaches who can help develop a curriculum for all players of any age or gender and then implement it.

    3. A playing staff that can compete at every age group. no good having the above if you don’t have enough quality players.

    4. Good facilities, including access to grass fields, changing rooms etc…

    5. A club that can develop relationships with outside agencies. Unis, pro clubs etc. Kids must be able to see a potential light at the end of the tunnel.

  5. m says:

    nice idea K but unfortunately there are restrictions for both male and female playing as a youth player in the adult leagues here in BC.
    Also the coaching is god awful!! i play mens soccer and my coach knows nothing and the same can be said for the others in the league i play in.
    youth players also cant compete at the adult levels as they dont have the size to deal with the cheap shots that happen and the refs dont protect players but focus on dealing with the whiners (go figure the whiners are the ones whining as they are getting taken out and receiving cheap shots)
    Have you watched PCSL premier games? terrible soccer!
    final game of the season last summer saw Khalsa travel to Victoria with 8 players and pick up one from there. they lost the game 11-1 and thus clubs like the Highlanders do not have a PCSL team anymore as they dont want to be apart of that.

    • K says:

      FVSL/VMSL/VISL and WMSL would be the bottom of my priority list re: adult programs. S20 and PDL will have excellent coaches.

      I imagine the HPL clubs will get together and have their own adult programs playing each other. Eventually. But as was mentioned “the kids need to see the light at the end of the tunnel” thus a lot of the focus must be on the adult programs as part of the bid consideration for acceptance.

  6. K says:

    This was a short-lived conversation!

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