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Sportstown FC’s full HPL application

Perhaps naively, I assumed that most of those pursuing HPL franchises would want to promote their bid by publicizing their application and highlighting its strengths. It’s a very tight timeline and when the winning applicants are announced they will have … Continue reading

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Torres v Malouda: who gets the left and who gets left (on the bench)

Maybe this is a bit of a stretch but the first attempt I made to see if it stacked up statistically using Guardian Chalkboards did support the idea that Chelsea have just bought a player for £50 million, Fernando Torres, … Continue reading

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HPL: What would your criteria be?

We all know the rules have already been written and with the applications being submitted today, there are probably some groups madly looking for ways to play up their strengths while downplaying their weaknesses in terms of the criteria they’ve … Continue reading

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Set piece revisited: direct free kick

Anyone remember this? Probably not since 90% of you are really just here for the HPL conversation! Regardless, it’s one of two set pieces for direct free kicks that my U16 girls team use and we finally had a chance … Continue reading

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The language of coaching

The Guardian has a really good article on how the terminology coaches use can be counter-productive to help players (and the comments from readers about some of their favourite ‘shouts’ is even more entertaining). I’ve touched on this before about … Continue reading

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