2018 World Cup host? Betters going with England or Russia

Punters on Betfair seem to think it’s going to come down to England or Russia with the announcement only about 12 hours away. Today de facto Russian leader said he wasn’t going to attend the draw. Normally this would be seen as a slight to the organizers but he brilliantly/confusingly said he wasn’t coming in protest of the unfair  media portrayal of the FIFA Executive.

“I view that as unfair competition. Such methods we consider to be absolutely inadmissible. Recently we have unfortunately seen a clear campaign against members of the FIFA executive committee. However, under these circumstances, I think it would be best not to go out of respect for the members of the FIFA executive committee, so that they can make their decision in peace and without any outside pressure.”

Yes, that’s Putin saying that British media coverage, critical of FIFA, had created an unfair competition and he was not going to attend out of respect for the FIFA executive. I’ll wait for you to stop laughing.

Also to be announced tomorrow will be the hosts of the 2022 World Cup. Somehow both Japan and South Korea made it to the final cuts but neither has a hope of getting it so soon after their joint 2002 hosting of the event.

It looks like a two horse race between Qatar and the USA with Australia on the outside looking in.

I’m picking Russia and the States.

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