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Great explanation of the ‘new’ offside rule

The rule itself is not new but the interpretation of ‘second phase’ offside is and as Zonal Marking point out, it’s hard to understand why far more teams are not taking advantage of it. Read it here, complete with photo … Continue reading

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Flashback: 1984 U18 National Team trip to Trinidad

Got an email from Alan Errington, local coaching legend, the other day. He had scanned an article he wrote for a BCSA quarterly newspaper, called the Whistle, back in 1984. It was about the three or four weeks we spent … Continue reading

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“One day we will take it back.”

From Paul Hayward’s great article in the Guardian on Friday, Dec 3: What is the World Cup meant to mean? The shirts, the fascination with each country: the buttercup yellow of Brazil, the dark brilliance of Argentina, the new Spain, … Continue reading

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Micro trend in offside calls

While everyone is having a laugh at Liverpool keeper Pepe Reina’s expense over this goal yesterday in Europa League play against Steau Bucharest: …It’s worth pointing out that this is the second goal in the past week where a … Continue reading

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Queen’s win women’s CIS soccer title with five Vancouver players

Thanks to Steve Fleck for point this out: Not sure if you noticed but there are five Dunbar/Point Grey/Douglas Park – Vancouver Metro players (Julia Cory, Brienna Shaw, Victoria Gonzalez Milroy, Saffia Clemens and Joanna Jordon) on this year’s Queens … Continue reading

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FIFA Executive vote for the full ‘double dip’

Russia and Qatar? Has it really got to this level of corruption at FIFA? As soon as Qatar was announced you could almost hear the Swiss bankers groan, “Well, there goes my lunch break.” Russia, you can live with. It … Continue reading

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2018 World Cup host? Betters going with England or Russia

Punters on Betfair seem to think it’s going to come down to England or Russia with the announcement only about 12 hours away. Today de facto Russian leader said he wasn’t going to attend the draw. Normally this would be … Continue reading

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