Beach soccer vs U15 girls development camp

I’m hesitant to put this out there in any other form than “somewhat speculative” because there hasn’t been official word from the CSA but…

This much is certain. A national beach soccer team has been announced that will be participate in the CONCACAF Beach Soccer Championship in Puerto Vallarta. This would be great, even if four of the twelve listed players don’t even seem to have a club, any club, that they are currently playing with (when you factor in that “Cowichan FC” and “Cosmos of Granby” are listed as clubs for two of the players, you do have to ask what the four without clubs are currently doing to stay game sharp).

Asides aside, once again this would be great if I’m not also hearing that the U15 girls national team camp that was scheduled for this December in Florida has been scrapped due to a lack of funds. The U15 camps (one was already held this past summer) lead to a U16 team in 2011 that will try to qualify for the U17 World Cup to be played in 2012.

Personally, if the U15 camp is indeed cancelled due to financial issues, I struggle to see how the Beach Soccer team expenditures can be justified.

Congratulations though to UBC standout Gagandeep Dosanjh for his selection to the Beach Soccer team.

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2 Responses to Beach soccer vs U15 girls development camp

  1. Larry says:

    Gregor, one can only question the sometimes contradictory logic applied in the halls of Canadian Soccer brass. Not that I have issues with beach soccer. In fact, it’s an incredibly demanding variant of soccer and fun to watch. However, when it comes to long term national team development, we just don’t seem to be able to achieve what’s required to bring our best youth players forward to play on the world stage. Imagine if Hockey Canada took the same approach as soccer. We wouldn’t be competing for the gold; we would be lucky to be in the “A” pool. Instead, the investment is made and we could theoretically send two teams to the “A” pool and both might medal. Up to U14, I believe our players are competitive with others in the world, but somewhere between U14 and U18 it goes completely off the rails.
    Somehow we need to change the funding formula in soccer. Put “Coke” on the jerseys if it can get you another million dollars; do something, but let’s get a little more innovative and find a way. In order to develop our youth national teams, we need to find a way to fund the “staging” sequences involving camps and other development cycles for U15’s during the transition to U17/U18. Otherwise, how can we ever truly complete consistently at a world level?

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