UBC men’s team into the semi final against host UofT

Great story from the Province here on how coach Mike Mosher’s prep notes saved the day when their quarter final game against Western went to penalty kicks.

UBC now face the hosts,  University of Toronto, in the semi finals of the CIS championship at 11am PST Saturday. The game will be streamed here.

When Mike emailed alumni to let them know the team was off to Toronto to fight for another CIS championship (no one is even close to UBC in national soccer championships) it brought back some memories (mainly off-field actually) amongst the old timers who won the old CIAU championship against UofT in Toronto in 1986. I was on that team. It was a great era to be part of UBC soccer and it was an unbelievable group (great music too). After beating McGill 3-1 in the semis, we beat Toronto 4-0 in the final to their utter shock. Kevin Reilly, who was on that team, whipped out his old photo album and his digital camera to take some pictures of that (Molson) golden team’s triumph 24 years ago.

Not the clearest pics (click to make em bigger) but worth publishing due to massive historical significance…

Top left: with the banner and the medals. Top row, left to right: Dick Mosher (coach), Alex Percy (Championship MVP), Gary “Gnu” Mordecai, Kevin “The Commissioner” Colbow, Gregor Young, Joe Pesht, Brian “Petie” Petersen, Kevin Reilly, Ken “Moyse the Noise” Moysiuk, Dave “Shank” Partridge. Bottom row: Mike Allina, John “Johnny G” Gasparac, Steve “Burnsie” Burns, Brian “BK” Kennedy, Mike “Malangatang” Malana, Ken Mulleny, Andy Mardon, Byron Gayfer.

Top right: Joe Pesht (#11 on the left) set a CIAU record for most tape on a single knee in this game. I’m in the middle (to the right of Mike Allina who’s sporting the nancy-boy black tights). The only one actually looking at the ball…

Bottom: Alex Percy with one of two near post notchers off corners in the final.

It was so cold at Varsity Stadium that the field was frozen and several players found they didn’t have boots that would work at all. Our striker and leading goal scorer, Ken Mulleny, opted to go with his white Stan Smith tennis shoes. He scored a hat trick with them against McGill and the derisive laughter at his expense from the UofT players at the banquet the night before the final sort of stiffened our resolve to show them there was a reason UBC hadn’t lost a game in three seasons. Then again, it didn’t stiffen it enough to stop us going out after the banquet to check out the Toronto nightlife….

Good luck to UBC tomorrow as the look to win their twelfth national championship this weekend.

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