Video analysis of U13 girls team striking the ball

I’m getting quite enamoured with my new iPhone 4. The video capture is really good and the ease of uploading and annotating on YouTube is proving to have great uses from a coaching perspective.

Last Friday, while watching a U13 girls team I was working with hit shots at goal, I remembered that when my daughters team was that age I’d done videos of all of them striking the ball, edited it down and we got together to watch it on TV. It was highly instructive for them and more than a few jaws dropped when they saw what they looked like.

So I pulled out the phone and started shooting them shooting. The analogy I used with the girls in the video below is that while I am a really bad golfer, every time I step up to hit a golf ball right up until the moment the balls slices wickedly into the bushes to my right, I’m convinced that my stroke is just like Lee Westwood’s: perfect.

But it’s not. And until kids start to see for themselves what their coaches are telling them about their approach to the ball, their contact and their follow through they are much less likely to feel they need to change it.

So that’s what this does. It’s a quick, unedited video of girls hitting the ball with annotations overlaid highlighting what they’re doing well and what they need to work on. It really only works from a viewer’s perspective if you go full screen at the highest resolution (720p) and hit pause right about the time each player is about to strike the ball. That lets you see the form while contacting the ball and gives time to read the comment associated with it.

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