Carnage at the coaching seminar/scrimmage last night

Great turnout for the session I ran on attacking and defending set pieces at UBC Warren Field last night. Thanks to all the coaches who attended and stuck around for the scrimmage last night. We had close to 50 coaches for the first bit and then 37 stuck around to play two 9 a side games across the field.

Sadly we had to witness some Dunbar on Dunbar coach violence as Reidar Zapf-Gilje and John O’Malley both went up for a header and John O came down with a wicked gash on his brow after the two banged heads.








The good thing about having almost 40 west side coaches out is that you’re almost certain to have some medical expertise close at hand. Many thanks to Dr. Neil Wells (Kerrisdale coach and surgeon) who escorted John O over to UBC Hospital through the private entrance that Kerrisdale, Dunbar and Pt. Grey soccer clubs have arranged for their coaches to a fully kitted out surgery room where the wound was sealed with the finest in medical gadgetry.

Nothing but the best for our coaches…

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