Unspun: Federico Macheda

Text: “Wayne Rooney is a really great person, he always gives me advice, but he’s a bit of a chav

Context: Macheda is the young Manchester United striker who is benefiting from Rooney’s injuries and indiscretions in the form of increased playing time. Rooney has proved himself a grade A asshole through repeated visits to prostitutes including his most recent affair while his wife was pregnant with their first child. Consensus is that the revelations about his personal life, in conjunction with injuries, are to blame for his recent poor form on the field.

Subtext: Macheda is really announcing that he’s not terribly interested in being seen as being automatically demoted back to the bench once Rooney is physically and mentally ready to play. By subtlely putting Rooney in his place while still saying he’s great guy, Macheda is making it clear he doesn’t revere Rooney and expects to be treated fairly when it comes to playing time. The days of Rooney, the pride of England (and United) to him are drawing to a close and he wants to ensure a level playing field so that he’s only competing with Rooney’s current form and not his past achievements. He’s joining the move to knock Rooney off his pedestal or as Alex Ferguson said about Liverpool, knocked (him) off his f*cking perch”

Final verdict. Macheda needs to score more regularly if he wants to be considered first or second choice striker for United. And he also needs to watch his back now. Don’t be surprised to hear that he’s out for a few weeks with a training ground injury. Thump!

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