Why strikers love playing with Heskey

He gets slaughtered by England fans for his paltry six goals in sixty odd appearances for the national team but many a striker have voiced their appreciation for what he does for them and this video gives a good indication of how he carves out opportunities for others that few other strikers would. Go forward to 2:18 in the video below.


Keep in mind that Bassong, the centre back Heskey pushes around like he’s swatting the last cheerio through the milk in his cereal bowl is Sebastien Bassong. Bassong is 6’2″ and played for Cameroon in the last World Cup.

The bigger issue with Heskey is that he forces a very conventional 4-4-2 on teams as he doesn’t have the mobility and touch to play in the hole as United often do with Rooney. He’s a classic target man who works well with a quick partner who’ll do well with the service Heskey provides. Once you commit to two out and out strikers though, it puts limits on what you can do in midfield.

Then again it was midfielder Steven Gerrard who benefited from Heskey’s strength and composure when he fed the ball through for Gerrard to notch against the States in England’s first game at the World Cup. So maybe ‘limiting’ midfield options isn’t the best description of Heskey’s downside!

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