Looks like Ecuador is the new Nigeria

Steve Kindel and I got this email (about 10 times each) today:

We are Imbabura Sporting Club located in Quito,Ecuador. This club was founded in January 3 1993. The club play in Estadio Olímpico an 18,600 capacity stadium. The club participate in Serie B competitions and inter-tournaments.

CONTRACT DURATION: Full Time Contract, 12-24  Months Position.

Your knowledge and experience as a soccer coach impressed the management of this club,therefore we shall appoint you to be the manager of the U-18 Team.

You have known the coaching description and responsibilities which includes, training,instructs players by analysing their performances and developing their abilities to a better level.

You have to be contious of the safety of each players and members including the developement perfomance.

Your Monthly salary : US$20,800. We offer a free furnished House,Flight tickets for single/family , Health Insurance and holidays.

PROCEDURE FOR THIS POSITION: Submit CV.RESUME,full picture of yourself and membership registration with Federación Ecuatoriana de Fútbol.

If this offer is acceptable by you,kindly contact me for the next step.

Mr.Juan Carlos
Imbabura Sporting Club,

Steve’s just going to fire off his banking details so they can forward us the money for the flights. I’ve got dibs on the window seat!

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