Brazil v Chile

Pre-game: Chile haven’t beaten Brazil in ten years and only 6 times ever. Can they do it? Probably not but the key will be to get over the jitters of facing the little gods in yellow early on and get their attacking game established. Missing three players through suspension will not help as they face a full strength Brazil. I’ve picked Brazil to go through but I can’t say this is a no-brainer. Chile can play. It’s a matter of whether they can against Brazil.

5′: Five minutes in and if we get another 85 of this, we will most certainly have seen one of the best games of the tournament. Positive play with both teams looking to get forward, especially Chile. Chile have started this game showing no fear of Brazil.

34′: Two smart plays that led to Juan’s goal. The first was Maicon realizing his best option was to bang the ball off Contreires for a corner. The second was Lucio boxing out the Chilean defender, who was bear hugging Lucio anyways, to give Juan a free jump on the header. 1-0 Brazil.

38′: Wow. Now that’s Brazil. And credit to the assistant ref for getting the call right and not calling Fabiano offside. They mess plenty of these up and get slaughtered for it when they do but he had a split second to see that properly and he got it right. 2-0 Brazil.

HALF TIME: Well the script for the neutrals calls for an early goal for Chile in the second half to keep Brazil on their toes and Chile full of belief that a result is still within reach. It’s been a very good first half and it would be nice to get another 45 minutes similar in approach, pace, thought and technique.

54′: Still lots of time left but Chile’s will is flagging and Brazil look poised.

59′: Proof that Brazil don’t read other people’s scripts; they write their own. Ramires rampaging down the centre of the field and lays off to Robinho for a well-placed finish. 3-0 Brazil. Chile is done.

72′: No idea why Dunga is keeping Kaka on the field. It’s 3-0 and he’s got a yellow card. He’s already been given one totally undeserved red card and it’ll only take one pissed off Chilean player to take a dive at an opportune moment and he’ll miss the quarters against the Dutch.

81′: There we go. Kaka off. Fabiano as well five minutes ago. Brazil still looking more likely to get their fourth than Chile their first.

FULL TIME: The first really convincing performance from Brazil sees them dismiss Chile with relative ease. When the first two went in four minutes apart it was really game over. Until that point Chile had established themselves and seemed full of belief. As is commonly said though, there’s no shame in going out of the World Cup at the hands of Brazil.

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2 Responses to Brazil v Chile

  1. Fred Cutler says:

    38′ Show budding strikers the little movement by Luis Fabiano that opens up the channel and his body to take Kaka’s brilliantly simple little mini-through-ball. If it had been Rooney in that position instead of Fabiano, he would have been pouting already that Robinho hadn’t tried a chipped cross to the penalty spot. Two passes are better than one!

  2. Fred Cutler says:

    I think the crazy agressive tackling by Brazil v. Portugal was calculated, brilliant coaching to scare opponents in the knockout stage. This is Dunga’s team, after all. Taking Felipe Melo off in that game was a by-product.

    Brazil are a totally different defensive team than they were in the 80s and 90s. All their players’ Champions’ League experience has made them even better.

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